Black Eye PRO Fish Eye Lens

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The Black Eye Macro HD is perfect for a mobile photographer. The lens gives more options for making the best close-up photos with your phone. The finest details become clear and visible with the HD Macro Lens with the 15x zoom function. The portable design makes this lens perfect for making all kinds of photos or videos on the road. So you never have to worry about taking your camera with you again! The lens fits almost all telephones, iPads, laptops or MacBooks. Ideal for Skype / Facetime.

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Black Eye PRO Fisheye Lens

The Black Eye PRO Fisheye Lens is perfect for a mobile photographer. Give yourself the options for creating the best group and panorama photos. The new 180 degree viewing angle opens a whole new dimension for photography. Make more original photos with the new fisheye lens. The high-quality double-coated glass produces natural colors and prevents unwanted reflections.

Universal Clip Attachment system works with smartphones, tablets and laptop

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