Gear4U is the absolute top brand among gaming chairs. The Scandinavian brand is known for its high quality gamer chairs and the creation of an extremely comfortable gaming experience. In our gaming category, it is an absolute top seller that is recommended by many gamers. Gear4U has several models of gamer chairs, which are available in different colours. Choose the model that suits you best and start the ultimate gaming experience now!

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The perfect gaming chair for you, which one to choose?

Whatever you want, Gear4U has it. With different models and colours, Gear4U has something for almost every need. If you still can't find what you're looking for, we'll give you a brief explanation of some models below.

Illuminated: affordable RGB gaming chair

The Gear4U RGB gaming chair is without a doubt the coolest gaming chair. With its integrated RGB lighting, this gaming chair has a unique and impressive design. Moreover, it is super comfortable and of great quality. It's the perfect gaming chair. This chair also has an adjustable backrest that can even be put in a reclining position.

With built-in RGB, this gaming chair is perfect for the gamer who likes to customize their gaming set-up. We have never seen such RGB in a gaming chair. This model ushers in an exciting new era with RGB chairs, allowing you to choose up to 33 different colour combinations, six pure colours and impressive settings to suit any setup.

The illuminated RGB gaming chair is one of the best chairs in our gaming category. We know that your chair is the second most important tool for the serious gamer, after the console. The comfort of this chair is absolutely incredible. The gamer chair comes with a lumbar support and a neck cushion.

Elite: a gaming chair at a good price

For advanced gamers, the Gear4U Elite gaming chair is perfect for hours and hours of gaming. It's also a good way to relax while lying down. The Danish designers have done their best to create a gaming chair that meets the demands of gamers, and it is undeniably the best.

The Elite Gaming Chair is a bestseller. Use the included back and neck rests to play, work and relax in the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This prevents back and neck pain, and your concentration remains impeccable.

This is a first-class gamer's chair. Built for maximum comfort. No more sore arms after a long gaming session. This chair is equipped with sturdy, adjustable 2-D armrests. The Elite Gaming Chair is built on a metal frame and covered with strong and durable PU leather.

The Gear4U Elite Gaming Chair is available in several colours: Elite Gaming Blue - Elite Gaming Green - Elite Gaming Red - Elite Gaming Black - Elite Gaming White - Elite Gaming Carbon

Comfort: ultimate relaxation 

Looking for comfort? Then Gear4U has developed the solution for you. The best materials have been used in the development of these relaxing chairs.

The Gear4U Comfort Gaming Chair is available in the colours: Gear4U Comfort BrownGear4U Comfort Black

Gambit Pro: for the pros

Looking for a quality chair at a good price? Gear4U has also thought of that. With the Gear4U Gambit Pro, you get a comfortable and enlightened experience, while having a great gaming chair. One difference is that the backrest is not adjustable. But if you want to continue playing without a relaxing position, this model is highly recommended.

The Gear4U Gambit Pro Gaming Chair is available in the colours:  Gear4U Gambit Pro Blue -  Gear4U Gambit Pro GreenGear4U Gambit Pro Black - Gear4U Gambit Pro Red 

Junior Hero: gaming chair for children

The Junior Hero gaming chair is inspired by the free spirit of children. The Junior Hero chair is designed so that little gamers can sit in front of the screen for longer periods of time. By placing the gaming chair in the correct position, your child can play more comfortably than ever without the risk of incorrect posture!

Junior Hero is a play chair designed for children aged 6 to 11 years. This chair is very comfortable and will ensure that your child does not injure their back when on the computer or tablet for long periods of time. 

The Gear4U Junior Hero Gaming Chair is available in several colours: Gear4U Junior Hero Green - Gear4U Junior Hero Blue - Gear4U Junior Hero Black - Gear4U Junior Hero Pink 

Rook: simple yet stylish

This gaming chair is made of the most durable materials without compromising on design. With its soft materials and adjustable height, this gaming chair is a must have. The Rook gaming chair is designed for gamers who spend long hours sitting behind the screen. By placing the gaming chair in the right position, you can play more comfortably than ever and sit in front of your monitor or TV!

The Gear4U Rook Gaming Chair is available in several colours: Gear4U Rook Green - Gear4U Rook Blue - Gear4U Rook Red - Gear4U Rook Black