Gear4U Elite - Gaming chair - Grey Fabric

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We know personally how miserable you get after long hours of gaming on the wrong chair. It's almost unbearable and takes the fun out of gaming. The Elite Fabric gaming chair from Gear4U comes with a comfortable fabric upholstery and prevents back injuries even during your most crazy gaming sessions.

- Professional look
- Detailed finishing
- Durable metal frame
- Available in several colours
- Version with fabric upholstery (black)
- Designed for long hours of gaming

Regular Price: €179.00

Aanbieding prijs €174.00

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Gear4U Elite fabric gaming chair grey

Do you like to play games for hours on end? Then a good gaming chair is a must. In comparison to a normal office chair, a gaming chair ensures a more comfortable and better posture during gaming. After all, you want to be able to fully concentrate on the game. With the Gear4U Elite Fabric gaming chair, you are ready to dominate online in every gaming session. Thanks to the adjustable neck and back support, you will always be in the right position. Finished playing? Recline the backrest and take a nap between killstreaks.

A gaming chair with comfort that matters

The Elite Fabric gaming chair is one of Gear4U's most comfortable chairs. With its comfortable support for the lower back and neck, this chair is a pleasure to sit in. The gaming chair is designed for gamers who spend long hours gaming. By adjusting the gaming chair to the right position, you will play more comfortably than ever and you will be sitting right in front of your monitor or TV!

Adjust the gaming chair for a healthy posture

The Gear4U Elite Fabric gaming chair can be adjusted to your wishes. Use the included back- and neck supports to play games, work and relax in the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This way you prevent back and neck complaints and your concentration will be completely focused on the game.

Gaming chair for taller people

Most desk / game chairs are built for people up to 1.70 m tall. If you're taller, the pillow often can't reach further than your shoulders. This is of course not ideal and can disturb a healthy posture. This Gear4U Elite Fabric gaming chair is equipped with a longer backrest and a raised head cushion.

Complete your gaming setup

The gaming chairs are known for their ultramodern design and comfortable seat. Besides cool lighting, a good microphone and excellent sound, a gaming chair contributes to a better gaming experience. It is the showpiece of your game setup and immediately stands out during streams.

THE office chair for gaming

This is a premium gaming chair from top to bottom. The comfortable fabric upholstery on the Gear4U Elite Fabric gaming chair gives it a luxurious look and prevents wear. Thanks to the adjustable armrests you will not have sore arms after a long gaming session. The Elite Fabric Gaming Chair is built on a metal frame and comes with a fabric cover. The metal frame is robust and the gas spring supports gamers up to 150 kilos. In addition, the chair is equipped with 5 wheels and matte legs. The fabric finish features a black colour, which will make you steal the show at any LAN party!


  • Lumber pillow
  • Neck pillow
  • Adjustable seat height 45 cm (min) to 55 cm (max)
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable backrest 90-180°
  • Dimensions: 134x52x38 cm
  • Chair weight: 19kg
  • Max weight: 150kg
  • Delivered in box, dimensions box: 84x32x64 cm

Tip from SB Supply: Put the Gear4U gaming chair in the right position to prevent back injuries.

EAN 5713552003690
Weight (product) 21
Brand Gear4U
Color Grey
Material Fabric
Gaming chair characteristics Adjustable armrest, Adjustable backrest, Office chair, Removable neck pillow
Gaming chair armrest 2D
Gross weight (product + packaging) 24
Box dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 81 x 74 x 33 cm