GoCube Rubik's Connected 3x3 SpeedCube

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Experience the evolution of the classic Rubik's Cube, with the GoCube Rubik's Connected 3x3 SpeedCube! Connect the Rubik's cube to your smartphone or tablet and learn how to solve it, through all kinds of tips, tricks and interactive guides. Track stats and analytics in the app to improve your speed and track your progress and results.

- Evolutionairy Rubik's cube
- Smart sensors
- App support
- Low power consumption

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GoCube Rubik's Connected 3x3 SpeedCube

Rubik's Connected Cube is an incredible smart cube that connects to the Connected App. With the app you can track, learn and improve on every twist and turn, play games or even compete in global challenges and leaderboards. The products have an ultra-low energy consumption, which guarantees hours of fun. It seemed impossible, but the GoCube team managed to pack a world of technology into a standard-sized rotatable cube. As a result, the classic puzzle has become a smart connected cube. Learn, improve, play games and challenge other Rubik's players from all over the world!

Rubik's cube with smart sensors and magnets

Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection information from the smart sensors within the cube is send directly to the app. This makes tracking the orientation and position of the cube at any time possible. Besides that the core of the cube is helt togheter by strong magnets, this makes spinning the cube more smooth than ever.

Solving the Rubik's cube with help from new technology

The newest technology used in the cube in combination with the free app allows you to train your solving skills. The acadamy offers 7 easy steps to get started, including tutorials, exercises and professional tips. Once you have mastered the solving, use stats and analytics to improve your speed and track your performance and progress. If you are ready for something more challanging you can entertain yourself with several mini-games, including Simon and Cube Hero. When you want some competition fight online against friends and other cuberos, enter the world rankings and be the best! 

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