iPhone 12 Speakers

Top quality speakers and boxes

Looking for a musical experience with your iPhone 12 ? Browse our selection of speakers for the iPhone 12 , from brands such as BeoPlay. Our selection of speakers offer excellent quality sound and are also usually a welcome addition to your interior thanks to their unique designs. It's a unique combination of powerful sound and sleek design.

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A wired speaker? No thanks!

These days, hardly anyone thinks about the choice: either wired or wireless. Almost everyone chooses wireless. But there are many more questions that need attention such as: size, bluetooth, wifi and price. This is of course personal for everyone. Think about this and then look at the possibilities above. If you do want wired, there are also possibilities.

Bluetooth speaker vs. WiFi speaker

More and more WiFi speakers are being sold and although Bluetooth is still far ahead of the pack, it looks like things are about to change. Bluetooth connects your device directly to the speaker. It is very simple and easy to install. The quality of music is also very high thanks to the technological advances that Bluetooth has made in recent years. A challenge for Bluetooth is: streaming in multiple rooms at the same time. JBL already has a solution for this, but it does not work as well as the WiFi solutions. 

Of course, this is also reflected in the price tag. WiFi is more expensive, but works better if you want to use multiple speakers simultaneously. Especially at greater distances!