Nomad Modern Leather Case Magsafe iPhone 13 Pro tan

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The Nomad Modern Leather Case Magsafe iPhone 13 Pro tan is a sturdy case that offers great style and great protection for any user with an iPhone. Built-in MagSafe magnets complete the Modern Leather Case as the ideal iPhone accessory.

- Stylish case
- Leather patina
- MagSafe compatible
- Integrated NFC digital business card

Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro
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Nomad Modern Leather Case Magsafe iPhone 13 Pro tan

The Modern Leather case is a sturdy leather case that offers both great style and great protection for any user with an iPhone 13 Pro. The case has a lightweight and scratch-resistant coated polycarbonate frame, raised edges, soft microfibre interior and metal buttons. The Modern Leather case clearly has it all. The built-in MagSafe magnets and NFC chip make the Modern Leather case the ideal leather iPhone accessory.

Protect your iPhone 13 Pro with this case

The Modern Leather case is designed as the everyday case for a minimalist. The case is slim, protective, high performing and packed with different features. Stay protected from all situations. The Modern Leather case features shock-absorbing TPE edges and has increased protection around your iPhone's camera. The Modern Leather case can withstand daily abuse and drops from up to 1,8 meters.

MagSafe compatible iPhone 13 Pro case 

This case has a built-in MagSafe magnet, which helps to hold MagSafe accessories such as card holders and wireless chargers more securely. If you're using the Modern Leather case, you may see a very subtle circle on the back of your phone appear after you take off the case. This ring is normal and can be completely wiped off with a clean cloth without causing any damage to your iPhone.

Share your information with someone else through built-in NFC chip

The special thing about these new cases is that they all have a 'digital business card', which is essentially a personal customizable business card that is stored in an NFC chip in the phone case. You can easily store all your contact information there and share it with other iPhones with a simple tap when the opportunity arises.

Leather patina iPhone 13 Pro case

Over time, the raw leather will darken and create a soft sheen, creating a look that is exclusive to you. From day 1 to 100, your case will endure all conditions and not wear out. This creates a beautiful and rich character that is unique to you.

Product SKU NM01070085
EAN 0856500010700
Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant)
Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Brand Nomad
Color Brown
Material Leather