Satechi Type-C to Type-C Short Cable 25 cm space gray


The Satechi Type-C to Type-C Short Cable 25 cm space gray makes it possible to quickly charge all your devices with a USB-C connection. Modern devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are often equipped with a USB port suitable for USB-C cables. With USB-C it is possible to exchange files and charge your devices at a high speed.

- Strong Nylon braided cable
- Suitable for charging, synchronising and transferring data
- Ideal for devices with a USB-C Power Delivery


Satechi Type-C to Type-C Short Cable 25 cm space gray

Thanks to the USB-C cable, charge your smartphone or tablet is a lot faster than his predecessor, the USB-A. This cable has extra reinforced ends and a braided nylon exterior making the cable resistant to bending, folding or coiling, ensuring a longer life.

Extra strong USB-C charging cable for fast charging

This cable has a USB-C connector and is therefore suitable for smartphones, tablets and other devices with USB-C. This type is symmetrical and therefore fits on your device from both sides. The cable forms the perfect transition between your plug and your device. The cable delivers a power of 60W, which means you can charge twice as fast on average as under normal circumstances.

Product SKU ST-TCC10M
EAN 0879961009014
Brand Satechi
Color Grey