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The white Tablet 12 - 13 inch floor stand (matte finish) for tablets from 12 to 13 inches is ideal at trade shows, in stores or offices. The white aluminum tablet stand can be installed in both horizontal and vertical position. The iPad floor stand can be made both rotatable (see additional option: "Universal rotary unit portrait/landscape") and tiltable (choose the additional option: "tiltable unit"). The holder is closed by bolts and can be locked by means of a handy stainless steel push lock so that the iPad can easily be removed (choose the additional option: "tablet stainless steel push lock"). This tablet floor stand includes a removable Home Touch button lock, which prevents people from locking the program. So you can choose to do this yourself.

These floor stands are used by car dealers, banks, airlines, restaurants and hotel chains, hospitals and government agencies worldwide. This tablet floor stand is a quality product from a Dutch manufacturer.


Tablet floor stand Securo Tablet 12 - 13 inch white

The ideal iPad or Galaxy Tab information stand
This steel stand from our Dutch manufacturer is perfectly suited for any 12 - 13 inch tablet for business use. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also supported. For example at exhibitions as information column or in a store with a presentation of your products. This iPad stand is also widely used by car dealers as an information column. Users can fully use the iPad, but cannot detach it from the stand. In addition, on this model, the home button can be locked, which prevents people from closing the program. This is ideal when used as an information kiosk.

Cleverly thought out
The white tablet floor stand has a special space in the pole for the charging cable to pass through. This comes under the footplate. Because under footplate four rubber caps zittten you below the cable away. The tablet is locked in a rotating metal cover. The floor stand is made of high quality steel and metal. The weighted base provides maximum stability so that the standard can not fall over. In addition, the cast iron base is attractively styled. Also, the diameter has the ideal length: 66mm. Thus, resonance is prevented and you do not suffer from a vibrating stand when you touch the touchscreen.

Cannot be detached
This system simply works with a cover that folds over the tablet. This allows you to quickly and easily take the tablet in and out of the holder, but once closed, the tablet remains theft-proof stored. By using a pushlock (extra option) it becomes easier to remove the iPad from the holder. The tablet floor stand can also be anchored to the ground by means of M8 bolts.

- Optional extra viewing angle tilt unit (choose the extra option: "tilt unit")
- Optional stainless steel push lock (choose then the extra option: "tablet stainless steel push lock")
- Optional turntable (choose the extra option: "universal turntable portrait/landscape")

This tablet stand is suitable for tablets size 12 - 13 inch. For more details see "Additional information".

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