Are you also so tired of all those fingerprints on your screen? Then WHOOSH! is the perfect solution for you. WHOOSH! is a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaning products in North America. The company is the next generation of cleaning products and guarantees hygiene for all your devices. With the addition of Whoosh! to our product line, SB Supply offers the perfect solution to keep your iPhone, MacBook, laptop or PC / desktop squeeky clean.

Discover WHOOSH!, the brand that disinfects all your devices with a non-toxic, alcohol-free chemical solution that is not only safe for you, but also for your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Apple's best kept secret

Have you ever wondered what products Apple uses to clean their screens and keep them clean throughout the day? Well, the big secret has been revealed: WHOOSH! For years, Apple has been using Whoosh's products to get their screens shiny and free of fingerprints. The Whoosh Screen Shine is the only cleaning product that is approved by all Apple stores worldwide. This is due to the special formula that leaves your devices shiny.


Whoosh's products leave no harmful residue due to its anti-static and streak-free formulation. All products are free of alcohol, ammonia, dyes and fragrances. Combined with the Ultra Soft Premium Microfiber Cloth, your appliances will be clean and will shine like new. Say goodbye to dust, dirt, oil, gunk and fingerprints.

For all devices

Whoosh's products are specifically designed to clean, polish and protect the screen of every cell phone and electronic device. There is no ingredient in this bottle that will damage or scratch your screens. With the Whoosh Screen Shine wipes, getting your screen clean becomes even easier.