Apple 45W MagSafe 1 Power adapter - MacBook Air (MC747Z/A)

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The 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air features a magnetic DC connector that disconnects the power cord when excessive sudden force is applied. It also helps prevent the cord from wearing out over time. In addition, the magnetic connector guides the plug into the computer's power cord port for a quick, secure connection.

Devices Apple MacBook Air 11 inch, Apple MacBook Air 13 inch
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When the connector is properly connected, an LED on the end of the connector will light up. The orange light indicates that the computer's battery is charging; the green light indicates that the battery is fully charged. The adapter comes with a power cord for more freedom of movement. In addition, an AC plug is included so that the power adapter can be plugged directly into a wall socket. This light and compact solution is ideal if you want to travel with the computer.

The adapter was especially redesigned for MacBook Air and fits into any travel bag. The adapter's handy design allows you to neatly wrap the DC cable around it.

This power adapter charges the lithium polymer battery while the computer is on, off or asleep. It can also be used as a power supply when working without a battery.

Compatible with MacBook Air only.

Product SKU MC747Z/A
EAN 5711045216596
Devices Apple MacBook Air 11 inch, Apple MacBook Air 13 inch
Brand Apple
Color White
Cable length 1,80 m
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