Apple Watch bands

Many to choose from

Check out our range of Apple Watch straps. You will always find a suitable Apple Watch strap at SB Supply! Looking for a leather strap? Choose from the original Apple straps like the modern buckleleather loopleather link and classic buckle. We also have Apple straps from the brands DBramante1928 and Nomad. Do you prefer a steel strap? Choose from the original Apple Strap link bracelet or the milanese loop. Also the brand Laut has beautiful steel straps. 

Check out our sizes: 38 / 40 / 41 mm | 42 / 44 / 45 / 49 mm

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Our Apple Watch Bands

Sometimes you want to put on the Apple Watch while exercising and sometimes at a fancy dinner. But not every strap fits every occasion. We've gathered our selection of straps so you'll have the right strap for every occasion.

Sporty Apple Watch Bands

The Apple Watch is ideal to use in combination with a rubber strap. While exercising you can keep track of all your data and thus use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker. Rubber straps are easy to clean and can also resist sweat.

Casual Apple Watch Bands

Ideally, you would like to have the Apple Watch on at all times of the day. With the right strap you can! The designs of the dbramante1928 straps are suitable for every day and this brand convinces us with high-quality straps of good leather quality.

Elegant Apple Watch Bands

An Apple Watch can be as elegant as a classic watch with the right strap. We especially like the Nomad straps for an elegant occasion. Of course, this band can also be worn every day - it just depends on what your personal style is.

Apple Watch straps from various brands

UAG watch straps

With the Apple watch straps from UAG you are always in the right place. Choose a classic buckle or go for the more modern straps. Thanks to the watch straps from UAG you can turn your Apple Watch into a style icon. Because of the comfortable design and soft leather you will never be bothered by the strap.

Chosen by our product specialists: UAG Leather Apple Watch strap 42 / 44 / 45 mm black

dbramante1928 watch straps

dbramante1928 produces leather products focused on unmatched strength, durability, functionality and style. Each Apple Watch strap is made by hand. The classic style and supple full grain leather make the dbramante1928 watch straps a beloved addition to your smartwatch.

Chosen by our product specialists: dbramante1928 Copenhagen Apple Watch strap 38 / 40 / 41 mm grey / black

Apple watch straps

The perfect fit, multiple types and the best quality. Apple's official Apple Watch straps are mostly loved for these features. Use the silicone strap for sports, the leather strap for a luxurious look, and the sport loop for hot summer days. No matter what you use your Apple Watch for with Apple's bands, you'll have everything you need.

Chosen by our product experts: Apple Leather Loop Apple Watch large 42 / 44 / 45 mm Peacock

Casecentive watch straps

The Apple Watch straps from Casecentive are known for their ultimate value for money. The Casecentive products are created so that your Apple Watch can be used in all circumstances. The stainless steel materials give it a robust appearance. Thanks to the link mechanism, the strap is easy to adjust.

Chosen by our product specialists: Casecentive Stainless Steel Watch Strap Apple Watch 38 / 40 / 41 mm silver

Ordering Apple Watch bands at SB Supply

At SB Supply you will find a wide range of different types and brands of Apple Watch straps. If you order your watch strap before 22:00, then they will be shipped the same day. Not quite sure which strap fits you or which size you need? We're here to help you make the right choice. Please contact our customer service for more information or advice.