Health and fitness appccessories that will get you further!

It is the trend of the moment: connect an accessory with an app and transform it into an appcessory! Fitness apps are hot and nothing you want to miss out on. With our wide collection of accessories you can keep your health in check. Improve it even further with your Bluetens, iHealth or Withings accessories. There are plenty of options: improve your fitness, keep your heart rate under control or maintain your body weight. With our health accessories you will better yourself a bit every day!

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Bluetens connected elektrostimulator

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Airofit Pro

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Here you will find products from well-known brands such as:


Bluetens has developed electrostimulator devices that relaxes your muscles, relieves pain and strengthens the body. With the accompanying app, you have access to 100 different programs for up to 15 body areas. Check out all of the Bluetens products here.

Wahoo Fitness

At Wahoo you'll find products for a variety of sports - something for everyone. Measure your heart rate while running or cycling and connect your gadget directly to your smartphone so you have all the information at your disposal. Discover all Wahoo products here and see what suits you best.


Want to track your health and transfer all your data directly to your smartphone or tablet? Then the gagets from iHealth will make you happy! Take advantage of iHealth's wireless oximeter, blood pressure monitor or innovative scale. Click here to check out the iHealth products and improve your health.