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Over the years, the range of Apple Watch straps at SB Supply has grown bigger and bigger. Whereas in the past the range consisted of only a few sports straps, the range has now grown into one of the largest in Europe. Silicone, nylon, leather, stainless steel and even the Nike collection are available at SB Supply.

Even with the release of the first Apple Watch, Apple made one thing clear: the Apple Watch can be customised to suit every personality! Not only the screen of the Apple Watch can be customised, but also in the Apple Watch straps can be varied and adapted to one's preferences. The problem, however, is that apart from some obvious tips, Apple has not made it easy for consumers to know which straps are suitable for them, or how to choose from the many options available, think color, material, size and closure.

On this page you will find all information about the Apple Watch straps that are currently available at SB Supply! We'll introduce you to the different models, tell you our story and give you the best tips on all Apple Watch straps. This way you can make the perfect choice for the right Apple Watch strap.


Our story

So why did we start selling these beautiful straps in the first place? Let me take you through the story of my colleagues Swen and Milan, who made sure that we at SB Supply sell all these beautiful Apple Watch straps.
In 2015, the first Apple Watch came out and so did the first Apple Watch straps. Swen and Milan were quick to catch on, Swen always wears a sports strap and Milan a neater strap, but always in neutral colors. Over the years, more and more beautiful designs came out and their styles changed with them too. Now, for example, Swen carries the Apple Modern Buckle so he looks neater in the office and during business meetings. While exercising, he wears the Apple Sport Loop because it ventilates well. 

Swen - "In the beginning, I actually always wore the Sport Loop, which was a nice, simple design that suited with everything. Nowadays, I like to vary and I wear the Modern Buckle during work and important appointments, and when I go for sports I wear the Sport Loop." 

Milan has also changed a lot in his style, he has gone from the neutral colors to bright colors, now he is totally a fan of the Apple Pride collection, for example. He likes to change his straps every now and then, which is why he has a large collection of Apple Watch straps in many different colors and types.

Milan - "I always liked the simple and less eye-catching straps because they went with everything, especially since I didn't have that many different straps in the beginning. When Apple had expanded the collection to include many different kinds of colors and patterns, I started expanding my own collection. Nowadays, my collection only consists of colored straps!"

This shared interest in styling their Apple Watch made them want to make others happy too by offering a wide collection of Apple Watch straps at a nice price. They started with a few standard models like the Sport Band and the Milanese Loop. Meanwhile, we already offer more than 10 different original Apple models. All thanks to Swen and Milan's great interest in these beautiful straps.


Filip Chudzinski of Bandbreite has created an app that lets you manage your collection of Apple Watch bracelets. Since 2015, Apple, in collaboration with its partners Nike and Hermes, has created more than 350 Apple Watch-straps, with new colors being added every quarter. The idea is that you can note which Apple Watch bracelets you have and which ones you still have on your wish list. Wristbands still on the market can then be bought from a reseller such as SB Supply. 

The app provides detailed information on every official Apple Watch strap ever released by Apple. Think colors, materials, release date, model number and price. This app is perfect for a watch strap collector for both beginners and advanced users as it allows you to create a nice wish list of straps you have or still want to buy. Get inspired in the app to try out new colors and expand your collection, or to make sure you made the right choice. 

Besides basic colors like black and white, Apple releases seasonal colors every spring and autumn (and sometimes in between) that disappear from the range after a while. If you still want them, you have to rely on old stock in shops or on the second-hand market. The Bandbreite app is available in the apple store!

All Apple Watch Straps

Below you can see the Original Apple Watch straps we have in our range. 


Apple Sport Band

These straps are made of high-quality fluoroelastomer. They are great for while exercising and for when youre just at the office or in your private life. The material is very strong and lightweight which makes wearing these straps very comfortable. The straps close by means of a pin, which ensures that they have a secure fit. 


Apple Nike Sport Band

These straps are made of high-quality fluoroelastomer. These are designed for sports and to give the most sporty look possible. Because of the holes in the strap, they ventilate very well and are very comfortable to wear during a workout. The straps close by means of a pin, which ensures they have a secure fit.  


Apple Solo Loop

The solo strap is made of silicone rubber and has a unique one-piece stretchy design, with no buckle or clasp, and no overlapping parts. It is comfortable and goes on your wrist easily. Each strap has had a special UV treatment, making it smooth to the touch. Additionally, it is swimproof and sweatproof, so you can wear it almost anywhere.


Apple Sport Loop 

The woven Sport Loop straps are made of a soft, breathable and lightweight nylon material. They are comfotable to wear for sports as well as in everyday life. The straps close by means of robust fastening strips. 


Apple Nike Sport Loop 

The woven Sport Loop straps are made of a soft, breathable and lightweight nylon material. They are comfortable to wear for sports as well as in everyday life. The straps close by means of robust fastening strips. 


Apple Braided Solo Loop

Each braided solo strap has a unique, stretchy design that fits comfortably and fits easily on your wrist. The strap is braided with extreme precision from silicone thread interwoven with more than 16,000 fibres of recycled polyester yarn. It is then laser-cut to an exact length for a perfect fit. The strap feels comfortable and is sweat- and water-resistant.


Apple Classic Buckle 

This traditional design is made of genuine calfskin. It gives a nice, neat look on your wrist in combination with your Apple Watch. As you wear the strap for longer, it takes on a patina look, giving it character. On the inside is a different color leather which makes the contrast very special and the matching stitching complements this very well, matching any outfit! 


Apple Leather Loop 

These genuine leather straps are made of Venzia leather manufactured in Italy. It is a supple and lightweight leather that incorporates magnets. Through those magnets, the strap can be adjusted to different sizes. It has a neat and sporty look.


Apple Modern Buckle 

This classic strap is made from the supple Granada leather made in a tannery in France. The inside of the straps is made of Vectran, which is a sturdy material that NASA also uses for its parachute lines. The buckle consists of two parts that open and close easily. 


Apple Leather Link

Granada leather is used for this band which is a supple and soft leather manufactured in France. The strap wraps elegantly around your wrist due to the magnets that are incorporated which ensures the perfect fit. On the inside, there is a different color of leather which makes the contrast very nice. 


Apple Milanese Loop

This modern strap is made of stainless steel which is very light and insanely strong. The material is woven by traditional Italian machines, giving it a nice unique woven effect. The straps are completely magnetic which makes it endlessly adjustable, thus guaranteeing a great fit. 


Apple Link Bracelet 

These link bracelets are made of surgical steel from which the watch case is also made. The different links feature a simple adjustment button that allows you to add or remove links without additional tools. We have the Link Bracelet in black and silver.  


Apple Trail Loop

Made of soft woven nylon, the thin and lightweight Trail strap offers flexibility and a comfortable fit. The strap is quick and easy to adjust on the go.


Apple Alpine Loop

The robust Alpine strap is made of two layers of textile that are seamlessly interwoven without stitching. The loops at the top are reinforced with super-strong yarn. The rust-resistant titanium G-hook clasp ensures the strap stays securely on your wrist.


Apple Ocean Band

The Ocean strap is made of high-quality elastomer and has a tubular structure, so it stretches well and fits perfectly on your wrist. The rust-resistant titanium buckle and adjustable eye keep the strap securely in place even during high-speed water sports. An extension strap is also available.


Apple Woven Nylon

The Woven Nylon straps are made of 500 threads that together form a beautiful colorful pattern. Monofilaments connect the four layers of fabric to create a strap that can be used for a long time. It fits comfortably on the wrist and has a soft material that makes it extra nice to wear all day long. 

Packaging of the Apple Watch straps 

Every Apple Watch strap we sell comes in its original packaging and sealed. You can rest assured that we sell original Apple Watch straps! 

Openbox packaging due to sustainability

Every Apple Watch strap is original from Apple. However, there are some packages that have already been opened once or are no longer present. These products are 100% tested and new. We do this for sustainability reasons, because we do not want to throw away a product that is actually still good and can still be used. This prevents pollution and waste of products. If there is a possibility that the strap has an open-box packaging, this is indicated with the product. 

Apple's special collections

Apple has released special collections dedicated to helping society since 2015.

Pride Collection

Apple started releasing the Pride Collection in 2015 for its own staff and from 2016 it was on sale for everyone to show your support and love for the LGBTQ+ community. Thus, Apple supports various organisations that support and help this community. 

All information regarding the Pride Collection can be found on this page:  Pride Collection

(RED) Collection

Since 2015, Apple has also been supporting the organisation (RED) through a (PRODUCT) RED collection. This is an organisation dedicated to fighting HIV/Aids in third world countries. These products are distinctive for their red color. You can do your bit by buying one of these red products, these are products like a case or an iPhone and more. In recent years, (RED) has been particularly working against the COVID-19 virus in order to revive the programme against HIV/Aids. 

Want to learn more about Apple's (PRODUCT) RED? Find out at:  (PRODUCT) RED 

International Collection

In the theme of the 2016 Olympics, Apple had released some exclusive bands to support your country, the International Collection. Apple released bands with the colors of the flag of 14 countries. In 2021 for the Tokyo Olympics, Apple has expanded its collection to 22 countries. 

Find extra information about this collection: International Collection

Black-Unity Collection

Apple has been supporting Black History Month for years. Since 2021, Apple has released a special collection for this so you too can show your support for this community, the Black Unity collection. This collection is meant to show support for organisations fighting for the human rights of that community. They have done this by creating a collection with the colors of the Pan-African flag. 

Interested in further information about this Black unity collection you can find at: Black Unity

How do I change my Apple Watch strap?

You can change your Apple Watch strap in no time. This way, you can wear a different strap every day to match your outfit. Whether you go to the gym or to the office, we have a strap for every occasion. When buying a new strap, make sure it fits your Apple Watch. You should first make sure you have the right size for your Apple Watch. The following sizes are available: 38 mm, 40 mm, 41 mm and 42mm, 44 mm, 45mm, 49mm. 

Tip: The straps for the 38mm size also fit the 40mm and 41mm model and the straps for the 42mm Apple Watch also fit the 44, 45 and 49mm sizes.

Once you have the right size for your Apple Watch strap, removing and changing it is very easy. Just follow the following three steps:

  1. Turn your Apple Watch around. 
  2. Press and hold the strap release button on the Apple Watch strap.
  3. Slide the strap out of the slot to remove it and slide in the new strap. Does the strap not move? Then press the release button again and try sliding the strap out of the slot.

Attaching a strap

For optimal performance of your Apple Watch, it must fit properly on your wrist. For the sling detection, tactile notifications and heart rate sensor functions to work best, the back of the Apple Watch must make good contact with the skin. When the Apple Watch is fitted properly on your wrist, with a little slack left so that your skin can still breathe, you can do anything and the sensors will do their job properly. The Apple Watch only works when you wear it on top of your wrist! 

Remove a chain strap 

Removing a link bracelet for Apple Watch does go a bit differently from a silicone strap. The band must first be split into 2 parts to detach it.

  1. Flip open the butterfly closure by pushing the release buttons.
  2. Click one of the release buttons on the inside of the bracelet.
  3. Carefully pull the two links apart. The link bracelet is now split into 2 parts.
  4. Press the release button on the back of Apple Watch and slide the link bracelet out of the slot.

For a short video tutorial, click on how to remove my strap. 

How do I clean my Apple Watch strap?

How to clean a strap differs per strap. Below is a clear explanation of how to clean the different straps:

For leather straps:

  1. Clean the leather parts of the strap with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, moisten the cloth a tiny bit with clean water.
  2. Do not immerse the leather parts of the strap in water, as this may permanently damage them. The leather straps are not water-resistant.
  3. Let the strap dry completely in open air before attaching it to your Apple Watch. Do not expose leather straps to direct sunlight, high outdoor temperatures or high humidity.

For Nike sport band, sport band and sport loop:

  1. Clean the strap with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, moisten the cloth a tiny bit with clean water. You can also clean these bracelets with a mild hypoallergenic hand soap.
  2. Dry the bracelet with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth before attaching it to your Apple Watch strap.

For all other types of straps, buckles and fasteners:

  1. Clean the strap with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, moisten the cloth a tiny bit with clean water.
  2. Dry the bracelet with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth before attaching it to your Apple Watch. 

Which Apple Watch do I have?

Not quite sure which Apple Watch strap you have and would like to order a new one? See more about this on our page Which Apple Watch strap do I have? You should make sure which Apple Watch strap you have, so you can order the right one! 

What size do I need?

It is important to first find out what size your Apple Watch is. If you find out beforehand, you can immediately order the right Apple Watch strap and this will reduce returns. Below is a blog where you can clearly find out what size your Apple Watch is.

SB Supply - Apple Watch 41mm, 45mm or 49mm?

How can you recognise fake Apple bands?

There are some identifying features of an original Apple Watch strap that you should look out for when buying an Apple Watch strap not from an Apple store. Listed below are some you can look for:

  1. Original packaging > Is the original packaging included?
  2. Two lengths > The original Apple Watch straps come in three pieces.
  3. Price > A strap cheaper than €20 is not realistic, as Apple often maintains its value.  
  4. Size print > The original straps have the size printed on the inside.
  5. Imprint 'assembled in China' > Apple's connector reads 'assembled in China'.
  6. Imprint on the side of the connector pin > There is a super small imprint on the side. 
  7. Other materials and colors > Look carefully at the material of the straps that it is not plastic.
  8. Neater finishing > Look closely at the finish of the edges.
  9. Inform yourself > The more you know about the original straps, the sooner you can fish out the fake versions. 

If it is still not clear you can look further on how to recognise an original Apple strap for more information.

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