Gaming PC cases

Housing for all your PC components

Choosing a PC case can be a daunting task. Once you've finished choosing the right size, there are a lot of other features to look at. Not only should it visually match your gaming setup, but it should also allow you to easily install all of your hardware.

Tip from SB Supply: Make sure the PC case has enough room to accommodate additional fans if necessary (Read more about this at the bottom of the page).

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How to choose a PC case for gaming?

Good ventilation for your PC

Although some PC cases may seem interesting at first glance, they can be poor choice for those who want to use high quality hardware. Good ventilation is essential for any PC. Especially for PC gamers who often push their hardware to the limit. Restricted airflow causes overheating, which in turn causes thermal failure.

Cooling systems for PC's: fan and water cooling

If you plan to use cooling systems, your PC case must have the necessary openings to make installation easier. Moreover, not all cases are suitable for liquid cooling systems of all sizes. If you have already bought your cooling system, you should check with which cooling components your PC case is compatible. On the technical specifications page you will find the size of the supported cooling system for each PC case.

Choose the right size of the graphics card

This is less and less of a problem nowadays, because graphic cards are getting smaller and the housings are getting bigger. Still, it is possible that your graphics card is too big to fit into the PC case you bought. Fortunately, there is an easy way to check whether your graphics card will still fit. Each datasheet contains a specification that indicates the maximum size of the graphics card that the chassis / frame will support.

Cable management for gamers

An enclosure with excellent cable management capabilities makes the design cleaner and creates more space to play your favourite games. This not only makes your hardware look nice and clean, but also improves your experience with installation and modification. Separate slots for hiding and routing cables and a removable backplate on the case are hugely useful features when managing your cables.

Create a personalised PC case

Transparent PC case for gaming

A PC case with a tempered glass casing looks great, until you start installing your hardware. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of time managing and hiding cables, tempered glass panels aren't that sensible. So make sure you have the possibility to easily and quickly hide your cables inside the PC case. A transparent PC case remains of course beautiful to look at!

Chosen by our product specialists: Fourze T760 Transparent PC Case

PC case with RGB lighting

For many gamers a simple PC case isn't enough. RGB lighting is a component that you see shining in almost every game setup. The PC cases with RGB lighting are very popular nowadays and that of course is for a good reason. The built-in, adjustable RGB lighting takes the game out of the screen and turns your room into a true gaming arena!

Chosen by our product specialists: Fourze T160 RGB Lighting PC Case

PC enclosures with enough ports

Do you need dedicated USB or audio ports on the front of your PC case? Then make sure you check the port options supported by the front panel of the case. From the latest USB standard to the much-loved 3.5mm audio jack, you should find exactly what you need among the many options available for PC cases.