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About SB Supply

Your specialist in phone and tablet accessories, health gadgets and High-Technology products

SB Supply has always been a key player in providing accessories and gadgets to help businesses, and consumers alike fall in line with the latest trends and external or internal factors that can influence the operation of a company. With a catalog containing more than 5000 products from famous brands including many companies from the Fortune 500. We are able to make products such as protective cases, gear and versatile solutions for your phones or tablets as well as health gadgets to help athletes track their performances, widely available for establishments and customers to benefit from, all over Europe.



Our team is particularly young, because we believe in the potential and innovative ideas of our youth. Moreover, as young professionals, we are curious and keenly interested in the latest trends and innovations, which allows us to offer you the best products in the shortest possible timeframe. Last but not least, our team members come from all over the world, we encourage international relations and provide opportunities to people from different countries and cultures to work in an environment where they are accepted, celebrated and supported.



We take pride in knowing that we can enable companies and organisation to become flexible and adapt quickly, so that even if they can’t shape the world around them, we make sure to help them fit in and operate efficiently regardless. To achieve this, we believe in always bringing our best to the table by chasing new technologies and products to help facilitate day to day tasks for schools, hospitals, restaurants and different establishments. We make it a routine, always looking for new opportunities to provide the best services for our customers. 

In a nutshell, the products and services we provide revolve around our customers needs. 


One of the many things that makes us a great company is our large choice of products. After many years of market studies, product analysis and expertise, we have accumulated more than 5000 products in our catalog. Our range is diverse that anyone can find a gadget that fits his or her needs. working with partners of prestigious and recognized brands such as Gear4UStrydCatalystGriffinInvoxia, CasecentiveUAG and Apple. We offer you quality products, and the latest trends. But also international brands, not readily available everywhere.

You will find solutions for different sectors such as construction, catering or education. If you would like to have personalised advice on the brands and products best suited to you. A team of experts is ready to guide you through everything you need during the process.


2020 shook many companies to the core, uncertainty became a bitter sensation for many, this resulted in job loss and hopelessness. At SB Supply, we aspire to be the number 1 solution provider for companies to be able to overcome these difficult times, we want to focus on making the latest trends and products available so that everyone can have a chance to fight against sudden change. By offering solutions for home office for example, companies can function remotely from anywhere, at anytime. We want to be there for you in the present so that you can be ready for your future!