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Complete your gaming set-up with a gaming mouse

A good gaming mouse should absolutely not be missing from your gaming set-up. At SB Supply, we have a range of for example Fourze gaming mice that deliver the best performance suitable for both gaming and other uses of your PC / laptop. Looking for that little bit of responsiveness that will lead you to victory? Then you are at the right address!

SB Supply offers a selection of gaming mice that perfectly fit any desk and any gaming set-up, such as the GM900 series from Fourze. With an RGB light strip (controllable via downloadable software) the mouse has a unique influence on your gaming set-up. All gaming mice are designed specifically for gamers with gamers' feedback in mind. They offer the necessary comfort and are made of top quality. Dominate your game and expand your gaming set-up with a gaming mouse!

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What is the difference between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse?

A game mouse is suitable for gaming and is optimised for long hours of performance. You will notice this in various extra features that an ordinary mouse does not have. A gaming mouse is much more sensitive, precise and works much faster. In addition, it is possible to add extra buttons on a gaming mouse. This enables you to react quicker which leads you to taking control of the victory.

What is a good gaming mouse?

A good gaming mouse cannot be missing in your game-setup. At SB Supply, we have a range of for example Fourze gaming mice that are designed to deliver the best performance, for both gaming and any other use of your PC / laptop. Looking for that extra bit of responsiveness that will lead you to victory? Then you've come to the right place!

Wireless or wired gaming mouse?

SB Supply offers a wide selection of gaming mice that will fit perfectly into any desktop and gaming setup, such as the Fourze GM900 series. With an RGB light strip you will steal the show on every live stream. All gaming mice are specially developed for and by gamers.

How to choose the right gaming mouse?

When you have bought a great gaming PC and a crisp screen, the next step is always to choose a gaming mouse. It is much more important than people think. Players who use the best gaming mice always gain an advantage over their opponents. Improve your performance and make lightning fast decisions.

Here's what you need to know about choosing the right gaming mouse:

An ergonomic hand grip and the right grip on your mouse

Gamers often spend hours and hours behind the screen. It is therefore important to ensure a healthy and comfortable posture. Unfortunately, when gaming, there is a risk of hand injury. Therefore, look closely at the size of your hand to see if it falls completely over the mouse. If you prefer more grip than comfort, choose a mouse where only your fingertips touch the mouse.

The weight of the gaming mouse

The weight of gaming mice is often not taken into account, but it does play an important role. Nowadays, there are even manufacturers who make game mice that allow users to add or remove weight. The weight of the mouse is important because it makes gestures and mouse movements much more precise.

Game mice with programmable buttons

Adding and customising additional mouse buttons is very useful. It allows you to create different configurations and which helps you to respond even faster. You decide which button goes where and how you move through the game. However, some games do not allow you to configure certain options, so you need to keep this in mind when playing online. There are games that recognise unsupported options, which may block these buttons.

Selected by our product specialists: SteelSeries Rival 710 gaming mouse

The shape of a gaming mouse

Gaming mice come in different shapes and sizes. Which one you choose depends on your personal taste and the size of your hand. Do you prefer your hand to cover the mouse completely or do you prefer a modern, funky and unique design? If you have the opportunity to try out different shapes of gaming mice, we definitely recommend it.

Grip types of a gaming mouse in detail - how to use your mouse the right way


They are designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are perfect for long-term use. If you play an MMO game, this is definitely something you want. Such games require a precise and delicate slider.


This type of gaming mouse requires a much tighter grip than the palm of your hand. It is better for RTS games because you move your mouse around the screen a lot. With this style, the hand bends upwards, which reduces the number of contact points. The fingers are almost claw-shaped. In general, such a mouse is thinner and shorter.


This type of gaming mouse is designed so that the middle finger, pointer finger and thumb are in direct contact with the main buttons on the mouse. The fingers control movements more precisely than the palm of the hand. Such a gaming mouse is preferred for FPS competitive games because it allows for very fast reactions and movements. These are the lightest mice of all.