iPhone 12 Mini accessories

Accessories to get the most out of your iPhone 12 Mini

With excellent specifications and unique features, the new iPhone 12 Mini is sure to revolutionise the smartphone market. At SB Supply you have exclusive access to a variety of accessories to get the most out of your new iPhone. Did you order your iPhone 12 Mini yet ? Make sure you are well prepared with a nice iPhone 12 Mini case and an iPhone 12 Mini screen protector so it's perfectly protected as soon as you receive it!

Which iPhone 12 Mini accessories do I need?

Without a doubt, the first thing you need to do is protect it properly. A screen protector and protective case are top of the list. Think carefully about how you want to use your iPhone. Do you work in construction for example? Or does your iPhone regularly in contact with water? Then an extremely protective case may be the solution for your iPhone 12 Mini. From robust to leather wallet cases, SB Supply has it all for your new iPhone 12 Mini. With cases from top brands such as UAG, Casecentive and Catalyst, rest assured, we have what you need.

Which waterproof iPhone 12 Mini case should I choose?

The iPhone 12 Mini is waterproof to a certain depth, but to be completely sure that no water damage occurs, a waterproof case is the best solution. Not only is it useful underwater, but it also protects against snow, rain and dust. At SB Supply, we offer several Catalyst Waterproof cases for the iPhone 12 Mini. Find your waterproof case at Catalyst.