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Train your breathing with Airofit

Train your lungs and get more out of your performance! Airofit PRO consists of an Airofit Respiratory Trainer and a Virtual Respiratory Coach in an interactive mobile app, allowing you to train your breathing power, accessible lung capacity and anaerobic threshold. But why should you buy one? I'm going to explain that to you in this blog. Or click here to check out the Airofit models.

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Posted in Fitness By Ambar de Ruijter

This is how you build your own home gym

We all know the feeling of wanting to exercise, but not wanting to be looked at at the gym or travel to the gym. For that feeling there is a great solution, a Home gym. In this blog, I'm going to explain to you how to build a Home gym quickly, easily and inexpensively!

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Posted in Fitness By Ambar de Ruijter

Where can I buy a gaming chair?

Are you a true gamer and prefer to spend all your time winning a game? Then it is important to have a good sitting posture and be as comfortable as possible. A gaming chair doesn't just have to be beautiful, it should also help you with your posture and support you where needed. This is also very important to SB Supply, which is why we sell the best gaming chairs so that you can win everything responsibly!

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Posted in Gaming By Ambar de Ruijter

The Blendjet 2: the ideal blender for everyone!

Traditional blenders use only their blades to blend, but Blendjet has invented a new method that makes any other blender obsolete. What's the secret weapon? The BlendJet 2's stainless steel blades are not centered at the base, creating a tornado effect that blows ingredients to the back of the jar 275 times per second, resulting in much better blending. This technology combined with a more powerful motor and doubled battery capacity makes the BlendJet 2 five times more powerful than the BlendJet 1. 

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Posted By Ambar de Ruijter

Is my iPhone 14 waterproof?

Apple's iPhone 14 comes with new and different features. For example, it has a better camera than its predecessors and has the latest IOS 16 on it, but is this phone also more resistant to water and dust, and how resistant is this phone really?

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Posted in iPhone By Ambar de Ruijter

Apple Airtag, what is it and what can it do?


Never lose your belongings again with the Apple Airtag. Apples new gadget means you'll never lose your most loved items again. What the Apple Airtag is and what it can do you can read in this blog!

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Posted in iPhone By Swen Heijstee

Prevent your luggage from getting lost thanks to our compact trackers!


As the vacations begin, passengers traveling through airports around the world are plagued by baggage problems. From long delays in picking up luggage, to being asked to drop off the bags a day before the flight. These annoying situations often see luggage end up going missing. With tensions running high due to flight delays and cancellations, these problems exacerbate the stress that vacationers are already suffering from. Therefore, make sure that your suitcase with valuables can always be found with our compact trackers! 

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