We believe that with the help of new technology such as the use of iPad in schools, education can change for the better. It enables new ways of thinking - and new ways of bringing ideas to life. We can help you to optimize the use of the iPad. Think of security and charging solutions, but also the cabling. In addition, the device must of course be able to take a beating. We have a wide range of drop-resistant and waterproof covers for this.

In times like COVID-19, digital education is becoming an essential part of education. Even in normal times, digital learning has many advantages over traditional teaching, such as being able to provide time and place independent teaching, varied teaching materials, active student participation and it’s easy to see the progress of all students. Are you looking for a digital solution for your school? SB Supply is happy to help you with this development. Contact our experts and discuss your needs. We give you tailor-made advice before, during and after the introduction of digital education.

Solutions for education

iPads and other tablets are increasingly used in education. But the use of technical aids must be well organized. SB Supply has various solutions in its range that makes this possible.

Cables & plugs

Having the right cable solution is very important. Devices need to be charged regularly and often you want to synchronize your data with other devices. We have various Lightning, USB and Mirco USB cables in our range. Discover now which cable and plug you need.

Charge & sync

In education you often don't use one, but several devices at the same time. This also means that you need more space if you want to charge all iPads and tablets. Different Multi Dock Stations allow you to organize and charge all your devices in one place at the same time. Check out the high-quality products from Satechi, Griffin, Bluelounge and other brands.

Fall resistant cases

Students find it exciting to be able to use an iPad during class. The younger the student, the less experience they have with handling such devices. Good protection is therefore necessary. With a fall-resistant case, the tablets can take a beating and a teacher does not have to be constantly afraid that the tablets will be damaged.

Security and locks

Not every learning environment is equally safe. Sometimes iPads and tablets are also used outside the classroom, such as an auditorium or a trade fair. Then it gives more security if you know that your devices are protected against theft. SB Supply has high-quality locks in its range that protect your iPad, MacBook and other devices.

Interactive games

With the interactive games from Osmo and Marbotic you help children to learn in a groundbreaking way. With these games it suddenly becomes fun for children to learn to read, count and think creatively. This is the art of successful education. Discover the different options we have in our range and support your children or students in a fun way.