Mac keyboards

Indispensable for your workplace

Mac keyboards are an essential part of your workplace at the office or at home. At SB Supply we know how important a good keyboard is, especially especially when you spend long hours behind an iMac or Macbook. With this knowledge and experience we were able to make a nice selection of Mac Keyboards. From ergonomic keyboards with more comfort to wireless for more freedom of movement. Don't want to worry about an empty battery? Then choose a wired keyboard. Do you work a lot with numbers and do you prefer a keyboard with a numeric keypad? No problem, we have it all!

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What types of keyboards are there?

You might say that a keyboard is a keyboard, but there are many different types. We've listed the four most important ones so you can be sure that you're making the right decision.

Wired iMac keyboard

The wired keyboard is still the standard today. Because they connect via a cable, you don't have to worry about an empty battery. It's ideal if you spend long hours behind the screen. The Macally Slim USB keyboard UK is an absolute top within this category!

Wireless keyboard MacBook

With a wireless keyboard the connection is often through a USB receiver or Bluetooth. This way you are not dependent on cables and you have a lot more freedom of movement. These keyboards are ideal if you don't want to be bothered by anoying cables all the time. Our recommended wireless keyboard is the Matias Wireless Keyboard QWERTY.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Do you spend days tapping away at your keyboard? Then we recommend you choose an ergonomic keyboard. These are designed differently, giving your wrists more support. This not only ensures more comfort, but also prevents wrist complaints in the long run.

Keyboard with numpad (numeric keypad)

If you work a lot with numbers on your iMac or Macbook, a numeric keypad is a true must-have. This is also the most complete form of keyboard. This expansion also comes with extra shortcut keys, so you can work even faster!

Did you know that: we also have a wide range of gaming keyboards? Take a look, maybe there is something for you!