Matias Wireless Keyboard AZERTY MacBook space grey

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The Matias Wireless Keyboard (AZERTY) comes with the same design as the original Apple keyboard and can be used with almost all devices.

- AZERTY keyboard layout
- Battery life of 1 year (1600mAh)
- Use it on 4 devices at once
- Works with Mac, PC, iOS and Android

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Matias Wireless Keyboard AZERTY MacBook space grey

Matias keyboards are based on the original Apple keyboard. The design, materials and layout are almost exactly the same. This keyboard has a numerical part and comes with all function keys that the MacBook also has. For example, buttons for volume, screen brightness and your iTunes music.

Wireless keyboard

One of the great advantages of this keyboard is that it is completely wireless. No more clutter of cables on your desk and more freedom of movement. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can connect this keyboard to up to 4 devices at the same time. You can switch seamlessly from one device to the other with just the push of a button. The keyboard can even be connected to IOS and Android devices.

Keyboard with AZERTY layout

The order of the keys on a keyboard may differ from country to country. The AZERTY format is used in France, Belgium and in some countries in Africa. This keyboard has an AZERTY layout.

Long battery life keyboard

The keyboard comes with a built-in battery of no less than 1600 mAh. That's up to 12 times larger than other wireless keyboards. This keyboard has a battery life of approximately 1 year.

Keyboard with numeric keypad

The integrated numeric keypad makes it easier than ever to quickly enter numbers. In addition, this extension also comes with additional keyboard shortcuts. Because the Matias keyboard is connected via bluetooth, you can use it immediately and you do not need any additional software.

Product SKU FK418BTB-FR
EAN 0833742005688
Brand Matias
Color Gunmetal
Material Aluminium
Keyboard layout AZERTY