Matias keyboards are of high quality, they have achieved this by combining the design of the Apple Magic Keyboard with their own technology. For example, the materials, design and features on the keyboard are almost identical to Apple's. This makes the quality of the keyboards almost the same as Apple's, but the price is a lot lower. Because Matias has put their own twist on the keyboards they have been able to release different versions. For example, the keyboards come in white and black, wired or wireless, with numpad or without numpad and some come with the RGB lighting feature. You can adjust the colors via a rotary knob on the side. Do you want to buy a keyboard from Matias? Take a quick look at our Matias product range!

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Why a Matias keyboard?

Matias keyboards are very similar to Apple's in design and quality. However, Matias makes sure that they stand out from the Apple Keyboard. They do this by adding extra features to their keyboards. Besides extra features there is also a difference in price.


Matias keyboards come in different colors. They have a nice elegant silver color for their keyboard and a tough gunmetal one. In addition to these two colors, they also have the colors white and black.


The major difference between Matias' keyboards and Apple's is that Matias' has added an illumination feature. For example, they have keyboards that light up white, This allows you to keep typing in the dark. Besides simple white lighting, they also have keyboards with RGB lighting. The special thing about this keyboard is that you can set the backlight in different colors. You can use the dial on the back of the keyboard to adjust the colors.


The keyboards come in a wired version and wireless version. Both versions have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage of a corded keyboard is that you are not dependent on your battery life and the connection is always stable. Useful if you need to type a lot. The disadvantage of a corded keyboard is the cable. The cable means you are stuck in one place. Also, the cable can get in the way if it is too long. Wireless keyboards also have their advantages. For example, you are a lot more flexible. Another advantage of a wireless keyboard is that you no longer have an abundance of cables on your desk. A disadvantage of a wireless keyboard is the battery. You must take into account the battery life.


In addition to color, lighting and wiring, Matias also offers keyboards with a numpad. This makes it a lot easier to enter numbers quickly. The numpad also comes with extra shortcuts.