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For SB Supply, customer satisfaction is important. We try to serve the customer as well as possible. If something is wrong, please let us know. We will try to find the best solutions for you!

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SB Supply has been a specialist in accessories and gadgets for more than 10 years and is affiliated with the Trusted Shops organisation. We are certified every year.

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You will receive an email from SB Supply asking you to post your review of the product you received. The reviews we receive come entirely from our customers who have purchased our products or used our services. There are no reviews posted by SB Supply staff nor do we pay people to put reviews on our behalf. It is the customers who provide us with feedback in order for us to improve our service and website.

It is also possible to leave a review using Trustpilot, TrustedShops and Google Reviews. Your reviews will be displayed in a list and will contribute to a realistic representation of our services!

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