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The best gaming chairs for you

Are you a starting or advanced gamer? At SB Supply we always have an option for you! With a wide range including the Danish brand Gear4U you have a choice of several models and colours. Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Then take a look at the Gear4U Elite and Illuminated gaming chairs! Still not quite sure? Don't worry about it! You can choose from many more gaming chairs.

Choose your super comfortable gaming chair with adjustable backrest, seat height and maybe even RGB-lights!

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Fourze Strike gaming chair black / blue

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Fourze Cloud Fabric gaming chair

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Gaming chairs from Fourze and Gear4U

An affordable gaming chair

At SB Supply we have the best gaming chairs for you at an affordable price. Improve your gaming skills with a comfortable gaming chair. Our catalog consists of a.o. the brand Gear4U. This Scandinavian brand is known for its high quality and unique gaming chairs.

Ultimate gaming comfort

Want to spend longer periods of time behind your screen? Then Gear4U and Fourze have the solution for you! These chairs offer maximum comfort and are of high quality. The seat and backrest are made of high quality polyurethane leather for a durable gaming chair with exceptional comfort. Gaming and/or working has never been this comfortable! Tip: the Elite gaming chair for the best experience.

Personalise your gaming experience

With the RGB illuminated gaming chair from Gear4U, you can fully customize your gaming experience. With multiple colours and effects, you will have an experience like never before! Find the gaming chair that suits you. Ideal for if you're a Youtuber / streamer / professional gamer, but of course also for the (future) pros!

How important is a good gaming chair?

When designing a gaming chair the focus is on adjustability and posture. The ergonomic shape provides a healthier and more comfortable posture during gaming sessions. Thanks to the integrated support, adjustable parts, extra upholstery and possible cushions a gaming chair is an indispensable accessory. Moreover, neck, shoulder and back pain can be prevented because a good gaming chair offers targeted body support. This way you can play longer and keep your focus better, because a real gamer never takes a break!

These gaming chairs are often known for their eccentric, ultramodern design, inspired by the racing seats in sports cars.

How do you choose your gaming chair?

When buying a gaming chair, it's important to take into account your desired functionalities and design requirements. There are various models on the market, each with their own characteristics. We advise you to decide in advance which back length you need, which parts should be adjustable and if lighting should be integrated in the chair. This makes the choice easier.

At SB Supply we have a large selection of gaming chairs from 3 different brands: Gear4U , Fourze and Nordic Gaming.

Gaming chair for kids: the smaller size

The Gear4U Junior Hero Gaming Chair

Inspired by the free and playful soul of children and adapted to their size. The Gear4U Junior Hero gaming chair is for the little gamers! The ergonomics and comfort of the chair allow small players to sit comfortably behind the screen. As children grow, poor posture can lead to long neck, shoulder and back problems. If you put the gaming chair in the right position, your child will play his favourite games more comfortably than ever before. The playful and modern design makes this gaming chair the perfect choice for practically any playroom or children's room. The chair is built on a wooden frame with gas spring that supports gamers weighing up to 100 kg.

The Junior Hero Gaming Chair is available in different colours: Gear4U Junior Hero Green  - Gear4U Junior Hero Blue - Gear4U Junior Hero black - Gear4U Junior Hero pink

Gaming chair for taller people: the larger size

The Gear4U Elite Gaming Chair

Features a longer backrest, removable neck cushion/backrest, adjustable components and detailed craftsmanship. The Gear4U Gaming Elite Chair is extremely versatile. Use the adjustable backrest (90-180°) to take a well-deserved nap between killstreaks. The gaming chair is fully adjustable so you can game, work and relax in the most ergonomic position. The Gamer Elite gaming chair is built on a metal frame and padded with strong and durable PU leather. Equipped with a class 4 gas lift system and 5 castors on the base with mat feet. This gaming chair is, amongst others, very popular with the somewhat taller gamers!

Specifications: Adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests and backrest - Maximum weight 150 kg - Back and neck cushions

The Elite Gaming Chair is available in different colours: Gear4U Elite Blue - Gear4U Elite Green - Gear4U Elite Red Gear4U Elite Black Gear4U Elite White - Gear4U Elite Carbon

The Nordic Gaming Racer Gaming Chair

Known for its sporty design, longer backrest, adjustable parts and supportive neck/back cushion. With the Racer gaming chair from Noric Gaming, you get the total picture. The backrest is adjustable to a flat reclining position (90-180°), so you can take a nap during the rest of your fifa game. The gaming chair is built on a metal frame and equipped with a class 4 gas lift system with 5 matt castors. By adjusting the chair to the right position, you will play more comfortably than ever and you will be sitting right in front of your monitor or TV. A first-class gaming chair with a lot of functionalities!

Specifications: Adjustable seat height, armrests & backrest - Maximum weight 150kg - Back & neck cushion

The Nordic Gaming Racer Gaming Chair is available in different colours : Nordic Gaming Racer blue - Nordic Gaming Racer green - Nordic Gaming Racer red - Nordic Gaming Racer black - Nordic Gaming Racer white

Gaming chairs with LED / RGB lighting: light up your gaming set-up 

The Gear4U Illuminated Gaming Chair

With its built-in RGB colour system, this chair is perfect for the gamer who wants to immerse themselves in their gaming environment. With the Illuminated gaming chair from Gear4U, you go for a maximum gaming experience and dominate every session. Choose from up to 33 different colour and pulse combinations, six pure colours and impressive settings to match any configuration. To ensure a healthy posture, the gaming chair comes with removable back and neck supports. In addition, the backrest can be adjusted to a flat recumbent position and the armrests and seat height can also be adjusted. The gaming chair is built on a metal frame, the gas spring of which can support gamers up to 150 kilos. The PU leather finish combined with the RGB lighting will have you stealing the show at any gaming session.

Specifications: Adjustable seat height, armrests & backrest - Maximum weight 150kg - Back & neck cushion

The Gear4U Illuminated gaming chair is available in the colour: Gear4U Illuminated black

The Fourze Lightning Gaming Chair

Created with absolute perfection and a design that will make you steal the show on any Twitch stream. The Lightning gaming chair from Fourze is for gamers who spend long hours behind the screen. At Fourze, they know how important comfort is, so you can worry about delivering maximum performance while gaming. Thanks to built-in RGB (Red, Green and Blue) lighting, you will discover a whole new gaming experience. With 33 colour and pulse combinations, six pure colours and great settings, you can take your gaming setup to the next level. Use the removable neck/backrest and adjustable parts to create a healthy posture. The Lightning gaming chair is built on a metal frame and finished with durable PU leather. 

Specifications: Adjustable seat height, armrests & backrest - Maximum weight 150kg - Back & neck cushion

The Fourze Lightning Gaming Chair is available in the colour: Fourze Lightning black

Which gaming chair is extra comfortable?

The Gear4U Rook Gaming Chair: comfort for long gaming

Made from the most durable and comfortable materials. The Gear4U Rook gaming chair is a real must-have for gamers who love comfort. Thanks to the adjustable seat height, the gaming chair can be used under almost any desk. The Rook gaming chair is built on a wooden frame and finished with durable PU-leather, of which a part is made of recycled foam. The ergonomic design allows you to sit behind the screen for hours. In addition, the chair supports players up to 150 kilos. Bring the gaming chair to the right position for gaming, working and relaxing from the most comfortable position.

Specifications: Adjustable seat height - Maximum weight 150 kg

Gear4U Rook is available in different colours: Gear4U Rook Green - Gear4U Rook Blue - Gear4U Rook Red - Gear4U Rook Black

Personalize your gaming experience

With the RGB illuminated gaming chairs you light up your gaming room with special colours and effects. Experience the full gaming experience and become the winner and star of the game!

Accessories for YouTubers, streamers and hobby gamers

Especially if you want to be a professional gamer on a platform like YouTube, it is important to have the right accessories. A good gaming chair is important for optimal performance during gaming, but also for comfort when sitting for long hours behind the screen. More important things? Controller, mouse, keyboard, headset and everything else you use a lot while streaming! All these accessories can be found here.

Gaming chairs with matching accessories

At SB Supply you'll find a wide range of products that make the heart of the gamer beat faster. Because we know how important a good looking gaming setup is, you will find different products at SB Supply that can be combined visually. You'll find the right PC case, mouse, keyboard and headphones for your gaming chair!

The best gaming chairs of 2020

Gamers, streamers, students and office workers often spend long hours behind the screen. A good gaming chair has therefore become almost indispensable. Unlike an ordinary office chair, a gaming chair offers many advantages. Whether it's for entertainment, creating unique content or a mountain of work, there's a gaming chair for everyone. In this blog we look at the different options and how to choose the right gaming chair.

Gaming chair reviews

We care a lot about customer satisfaction and only offer items that we ourselves are convinced of. This is exactly why we know how important it is to have reviews from experienced gamers who can test chairs for all their requirements. You can find such a review by an experienced gamer here.

Gaming Chair from different brands

With the Gaming Chairs from SB Supply you lift your game room to a higher level. Thanks to the large selection of various gaming brands, there is something for everyone. Choose the Scandanavian brand Gear4U and go for unequalled quality. The unique gaming chairs from Fourze provide extra comfort during long sessions behind the screen. The ultra-modern look and detailed finish of the Nordic Gaming gaming chairs will make you stand out on every twitch stream. Do you only go for the best? Then choose the absolute top brand Ranqer!

Gaming chair with nylon base

In contrast to the standard gaming chairs, the gaming chairs of the Ranqer brand come with a Nylon support. This special characteristic ensures more stability and prevents the chair from creaking when you move a lot. Of course, you can't allow yourself any distraction during the match of your life.

Order your Gaming chair at SB Supply

At SB Supply you find a wide range of different gaming chairs. Do you order your new gaming chair before 18:00? Then they will be shipped the same day. Not quite sure what kind of gaming chair suits you or what size you need for your height? We'll be happy to help you make the best choice. Please contact our customer service for more information or advice.