Gear4U Rook - Gaming chair - black

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We know personally how miserable you get after long hours of gaming on the wrong chair. It's almost unbearable and takes the fun out of gaming. With the Rook gaming chair from Gear4U you don't have to worry about your back hurting after a gaming session: you can just keep focusing on the game!

- Professional look
- Durable metal frame
- Available in several colours
- Detailed finishing with extra comfort
- Designed for long hours of gaming

Product size: 116x52x45 CM

Regular Price: €105.00

Aanbieding prijs €79.99

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Gear4U Rook gaming chair black 

Do you like to play games for hours on end? Then a good gaming chair is crucial. A gaming chair ensures a more comfortable and better posture during gaming. After all, you want to be able to fully concentrate on the game. Whether you sit behind the computer all day or go online on a console, the ergonomic shape of the Rook gaming chair will prevent back problems. The Gear4U Rook chair is an enrichment for your game set up!

A gaming chair with extra comfort

This Rook gaming chair is made of the most comfortable materials, without compromising on design. Thanks to its soft materials and adjustable seat height, this gaming chair is a pleasure to sit in. The Rook gaming chair is designed for gamers who spend long hours behind the screen. By adjusting the gaming chair to the right position, you play more comfortably than ever and you sit right in front of your monitor or TV!

Perfect addition to your gaming set-up

Next to cool lighting, a good microphone and excellent sound, a gaming chair contributes to a better gaming experience. Besides that, gaming chairs are known for their comfortable seat and hypermodern design. It is the showpiece of your game setup and immediately stands out during streams.

Adjust the gaming chair for better posture

The Gear4U Rook gaming chair can be positioned according to your wishes. Use the adjustable seat height to play, work and relax in the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This will prevent back and neck complaints and your concentration will be fully focused on the game.

Can also be used as an office chair

Go for maximum comfort and a stylish finish. The synthetic leather on the Gear4U Rook gaming chair gives it a luxurious look and prevents wear. Thanks to the adjustable seat height, the gaming chair fits under almost any desk. The Rook gaming chair is built on a wooden frame and covered with durable PU-leather partially recycled denisty foam. The wooden frame is nicely finished and the gas spring supports gamers up to 150 kilos. In addition, the chair is equipped with 5 wheels and mat feet. The PU leather finish has green accents, which will make you steal the show at any LAN party!


- Adjustable seat height
- Dimensions: 116x52x45 cm
- Max weight: 150kg
- Delivered in box, dimensions box: 69x32x59 cm

Tip from SB Supply: Put the Gear4U gaming chair in the right position to avoid back injuries

EAN 5713552001504
Weight (product) 13
Brand Gear4U
Color Black
Material PU leather
Product size 116x52x45 CM
Gross weight (product + packaging) 15
Box dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 73 x 59 x 31 cm