POS solutions for restaurants and stores

Professional solutions for your working environment

Do you work in the hospitality industry or do you own a business or shop? Then you know that many processes become easier if you make use of new technologies. Smartphones and tablets offer many possibilities and make it possible to serve customers better and faster in an easier way. We of course want to help you find the ideal solution! We offer various solutions for tablets and phones that allow you to manage and expand your business digitally. Discover in our category the sturdy protective cases with hand straps and the shock-resistant smartphone cases. With a charging station you can also charge all your devices at the same time and the tablet stands are ideal for using a tablet as a cash register. For a tailored solution, contact our team of experts!

The best accessories for your tablet and smartphone

Do you use tablets and smartphones as part of your work? Maintain contact with customers, place orders online or use a tablet as a cash register system. We present our solutions to make your daily life easier and use these modern technologies even more effectively!

Shockproof Cases

If you work with tablets in the hospitality sector, it is essential to equip the devices with shock-resistant protective cases with handstraps / handles. These cases protect your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab from falls and shocks thanks to their robust design. The handle on the back provides a comfortable and secure grip on your device. If you prefer the smaller and more convenient size of a smartphone, check out our shockproof smartphone cases!

Tablet stands and holders

Tablet stands are the ideal accessory at a fair, in a restaurant, bar or in a hotel room. Tabletop holders are multifunctional and ensure that your customers are satisfied. The tablets can be used comfortably to find certain information, use services, place an order and pay for their order. Depending on your work environment, it is important to choose a solution that is adapted to your needs. Read our blog about how you can find the right stand or holder for your tablet