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If there is one key accessory to make videos on YouTube or simply stream on Twitch, it is a webcam! Whether it's to take a nice picture or even better, to make cool effects with a greenscreen background, the camera or the webcam is an indispensable tool. A webcam will help you to create a bond with your viewers or your subscribers. Being almost forgotten for a while now, the webcam has been making a comeback. This is due to the explosion in popularity of streaming, whether on Twitch or YouTube, but also for Zoom or Skype sessions at home! 

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Gear4U Focus Full HD streaming webcam

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Why should you buy a Gaming Webcam?

Whether it is for a professional meeting, a discussion with a friend, or to broadcast a video game, the webcam is an indispensable tool. Many computers already have a built-in camera, but its video quality is generally not so good. A good webcam can help you capture and broadcast the best images, thanks to options that most built-in webcams lack, such as autofocus, lighting correction, full HD video, the ability to choose a better framing, etc.