Check out all our cycling products on this page. We have top brands such as Wahoo, Tigra and Dynamic. With our cycling products you can train, measure your speed, determine routes, safely store your mobile phone and maintain your bike. Make sure you are well prepared with smart measuring equipment or handy cases so you can attach your mobile phone to the handlebar of your bike.

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Smart Cycling Accessories

At SB Supply you'll find a huge range of cycling accessories to make cycling more fun and safer.

Bicycle trainer and accessories

Do you want to be able to cycle all year long? Then a bicycle trainer is ideal. You can easily connect the bicycle trainer to your TV, computer or tablet. That way you can create the most realistic bicycle training from home. With the Wahoo KICKR SNAP you can develop your own bicycle training. Fully customize the workout to your level.

Computers and accessories

Looking for the must have for cycling or mountain biking? Then try a bike computer. With a bike computer you can see your speed and navigation at any time. In addition, you can link the bike computer to a heart rate monitor, among others. The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT V2 GPS gives you all the information you need. Always get the best out of your bike ride.

Phone holders

Always ride safely through traffic with the right phone holder. With a phone holder on your bike, you can keep both hands on the handlebars and keep an overview of traffic. Tigra's bicycle holders are easy to attach and easy to use. These holders can rotate up to 360 degrees and come with a robust case to optimally protect your mobile from potential falls and bumps.

Bike maintenance and safety

Make sure you regularly maintain your bike to be able to enjoy it longer. In addition, you can prevent wear and tear and other breakage. Check out all care products from Dynamic to keep your bike alive and thriving.

To provide you with extra safety, we offer various products such as helmets from Hornit and the Invoxia Bike tracker. With this tracker, you can easily find your bike again.

Wahoo Fitness

Keep track of all your speeds and data with the Wahoo Fitness items. View all results in the app so you can track and analyze your performance. With the built-in GPS you will never lose your way again because of the navigation you can easily drive to your destination. You can also use the live tracking to follow the route of your friends and perhaps overtake them.


4iiii Innovations Inc. makes the heart of any racing bike beat faster. Here you will find performance devices that offer you everything you need to have a more efficient training. Whether you are just a cycling enthusiast or have been actively cycling for years, you can only benefit from 4iiii devices. 4iiii works with the slogan Smarter. Faster. Safer.

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