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More comfortable use of your headphones

Discover on this page all our headphones, earphones and accessories. Find various headphones and sports earphones from brands such as Apple, Shokz and JBL. You will also find various accessories to store your headphones in style or to protect your beloved AirPods. Our accessories can be very useful if you want to use your headphones or earphones in a more comfortable way.

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Headphone features

You want to buy new headphones - but which ones? There are so many different models that it's hard to choose the right headphones. On this page we explain the different functions of headphones and help you make the right choice.


There are different types of headphones and earbuds: handy little ears, extra noise-cancelling over-ears, wireless Bluetooth headsets or the classics with cable - you decide what you need. Above all, remember what you usually do when you listen to music. In-Ears are great for exercising, for example, while Over-Ears might be better suited for listening to music at home on the couch.


Based on where and when you want to listen to music, make the decision whether you want to do it without an annoying cable or if you don't mind one at all. We have several different headphones in our range. It is important that the device that plays your music is also compatible with the headphones. So pay attention to whether you need an audio output or Bluetooth connection.

Noise reduction

Filter out your ambient noise for the best sound experience. This is done through a microphone in the headphones, which absorbs ambient noise and then generates a counter noise. Sounds complicated, but it's not! Search the product description to find if the headphones can adjust to the volume of your surroundings.


When choosing the right headphones, it's especially important to decide whether or not you need a built-in microphone. Do you use your headphones primarily in conjunction with your iPhone or Samsung smartphone? Then headphones with a microphone will come in handy, so you can also make calls when needed! Get inspired by our assortment!