Ranqer's gaming chairs offer optimum comfort to every person who spends all day long gaming or working in front of a computer. Ranqer is inspired by the most unique chairs in the world and combines the latest trends with an exquisite design for pro gamers.

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Ranqer Simulator - Racing seat

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Ranqer Felix - Gaming chair - black

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Ranqer Nimbus RGB gaming desk with LED

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Which Ranqer gaming chair is suitable for me?

Whether you're working at a desk or playing video games, being comfortable is important. The choice between a gaming chair or an office chair is not an easy one, as there are so many different models. Ranqer has combined all the essentials and crucial features of gaming chairs in all their chairs.

Whether we spend long hours in front of a desk for our work or for playing video games, we are all aware of the importance of having a good posture. Of course, this means choosing the right gaming chair or office chair. A chair should be chosen according to YOUR needs, but also according to the recommendations made by ergonomists and health specialists. A proper office chair should not just be comfortable, it must meet certain recommendations and must adapt as much as possible to our bodies, which are all different in size and shape.

Can Ranqer gaming chairs be used as office chairs?

A gaming chair is simply an office chair with a look designed for video game enthusiasts. It often takes on the appearance of a sports car seats and are sometimes dressed in shimmering colours. These gaming chairs can often be criticized for worrying more about their appearance than their comfort. Ranqers chair range are all ergonomic and versatile models that focus on both great designs to complete your gaming set-up and comfort to maintain a healthy posture as you play. 

Do Ranqer gaming chairs squeak?

Ranqer is a very distinguished brand when it comes to gaming chairs because a lot of preventative measures have been taken to make sure your chair lasts for as long as possible. This includes extra foam, extra resistant gas lifts, a metallic and more durable metal frame and an overall well-designed structure. The materials that make up this chair are also very good quality and contribute to a more comfortable gaming experience.

Does your gaming chair squeak? Check our guide for solutions: My gaming chair squeaks, what shall I do?

Gaming chair with RGB lighting, Ranqer Aura VS Ranqer Halo

Gaming chairs have come a really long way since they were first introduced in the market. From the inclusion of sound systems to improved ergonomics, gamers can now enjoy some truly incredible features in their gaming chairs. Ranqer spent the last several months developing their gaming chairs with a nice add-on, RGB lighting.

This feature not only looks downright cool, but it also adds a whole new layer of immersive experiences. If you’re serious about your gaming and like your game room to look its absolute best, RGB gaming chairs will make you feel more connected to your gaming session than ever.

The models available are Ranqer Aura and Ranqer Halo, they are pretty much the same when it comes to ergonomics and comfort. The only difference is that Ranqer Aura has a carbon look that makes the blackness of the chair more immersive and intense.

Butterfly vs Frog?

There is a tilting mechanism under the seat of an office and gaming chair. The tilt mechanism allows you to personalize your seating position for optimal comfort and support. Ranqer uses 2 types of tilting mechanism:

Butterfly mechanism: With the "Butterfly Mechanism", 1 controller is used for both lifting and locking the chair. This lock is small and easy to use.

Frog Mechanism: The "Frog Mechanism" uses 2 separate controls. One for locking and one for lifting the seat. This tilting mechanism is sturdier and larger.

Both tilting mechanisms are of high quality and suitable for professional and intensive use. The Frog mechanism gives a comfortable rocking feeling. The Butterfly mechanism, on the other hand, offers slightly more sturdiness.