Ranqer Mousepad / Desk Mat

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A high-quality mouse pad from Ranqer designed and made specifically for gaming. Also, this Ranqer mouse pad comes in a size that allows you to game at any angle of your desk.

- Extra wide
- Non-slip mousepad extra grip
- Extra soft, prevents scratches on mouse and ensures extra fast response
- Extra fine and perfectly finished
- Keyboard and mouse fit perfectly

Product size: 70cm x 30cm

Ranqer Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is made of high-quality fabric for clean and precise movements you need while gaming. In addition, the mouse pad has a rubber base for grip on your desktop, allowing you to move your mouse but not the Ranqer mouse pad. When developing this mouse pad from Ranqer, thought was given to a mix of stable gaming and smooth movement, culminating in accurate and agile gameplay. Also, this Ranqer mouse pad comes in a size that allows gaming on any corner of your desk. Thanks to an amazing 70x30 cm, this Ranqer mouse pad provides enough space for your mouse not to go off the mousepad as it is made as wide as possible.


This mouse pad has a special underside. The mat of this mouse pad stays firmly in place while you move and scroll your mouse, this is because of the anti-slip feature specially made by Ranqer. Besides the anti-slip feature, it is also extra soft at the top of the mouse pad. The soft fabric of the mouse pad ensures a quick response and this prevents scratches on your mouse.

EAN 8720598690743
Brand Ranqer
Color Black
Product size 70cm x 30cm