Ranqer Nimbus RGB gaming desk with LED

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The Ranqer Nimbus RGB Gaming Desk is a gaming desk with built-in RGB LED lighting. The gaming desk is equipped with everything you need for an optimal gaming session, such as a stable base, a mouse pad, a cup holder, a headphone holder and of course the enormously cool LED lighting on the sides of the desk. The lights give a cool and futuristic effect and illuminate your game room in the most beautiful colors.

- Gaming desk with built-in RGB lighting
- Steel base frame
- With cup holder
- With headphone hook
- Included mouse pad
- Dimensions: 60 (L) x 100 (W) x 75 (H) cm

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Ranqer Nimbus RGB Gaming Desk

Game like a pro with Ranqer Nimbus gaming desk, specially designed for gamers. With space, stability and built-in dual side LED lighting with 360 options and a remote control, this is the ultimate accessory for any serious gamer. Tested and approved by leading websites and recommended by experts, this gaming desk is unique with its ambilight effect and carbon-look desktop. In addition, the desk has a cup holder, headphone holder and an XL mouse pad with LED lighting. Add style and stability to your gaming setup with the Ranqer Nimbus gaming desk.

Affordable gaming desk with LED, mouse pad and more

The Ranqer Nimbus RGB Gaming Desk is a cheap option for gamers looking for a solid and professional desk. It has a sturdy steel frame and offers useful extras such as a cup holder, headphone holder and an XL carbon fiber mouse pad. Moreover, it has built-in LED lighting for an atmospheric gaming experience. The desk is easy to assemble and fits in almost any gaming room. With the Ranqer Nimbus RGB Gaming Desk you can benefit from the best gaming performance without paying too much.

Gaming desk that meets all requirements

The Ranqer gaming desk has been designed with the specific requirements of gamers in mind. It features a mouse pad to improve mouse performance and dexterity, and has a sturdy steel frame to prevent wobbling. As a gamer you know that lightning fast reactions and pinpoint precision can make the difference between a win or a loss. Using a mouse pad, which makes your mouse more responsive and moves more smoothly, can make a big difference. The desk has a sturdy steel frame that provides stable support and prevents wobbling and squeaking noise. The desk is also equipped with a cup holder to keep glasses and cups in place, and has a headphone holder to store headphones when not in use. These small details make the desk ideal for intensive gaming.

Gaming desk with built-in RGB lighting

A gaming desk with RGB lighting is a wonderful addition to your gaming setup. The Ranqer Nimbus gaming desk is ideal for gamers who want to work in a modern environment with a professional look. The gaming desk is equipped with RGB (red, green, blue) LED lighting. This lighting gives your room a modern look and can also contribute to an improved gaming experience through the mood-enhancing effect of flashing, twinkling lights. If you are looking for a desk that gives your gaming space a professional look, the Ranqer Nimbus gaming desk is the perfect option for you.

Durable carbon fiber mouse pad for the ultimate gaming experience

The mouse pad that comes with the Ranqer gaming desk is made of carbon fiber. This material is very durable and abrasion resistant, which can be important for some gamers. The material also provides a nice, sleek look. The mouse pad is suitable for most gaming setups and can also be used for office or school work.

Stable gaming table for intensive sessions behind PC or console

The Nimbus gaming desk is sturdy and stable thanks to its stable legs. You can fully concentrate on gaming without worrying about the desk shaking. In addition, the Nimbus gaming desk has a cup holder, so you can keep glasses and cups in place while gaming, so you don't have to be bothered by obstacles on your desk. This can be especially useful during intensive gaming sessions where you want to react quickly. The desk also has a headphone holder, so you can store your headphones in a convenient place when you're done gaming. These extra features make the Nimbus gaming desk not only practical, but also very useful for gamers

- Weight: 17.3 kg
- Desktop thickness: 1.8 kg
- Carbon race finish on desktop
- Maximum carrying weight: 30 kg
- XXL mouse pad (80 x 30 cm)
- Cup holder
- Headphone holder
- Extra stable desk legs

EAN 8720598690606
Weight (product) 13
Brand Ranqer
Color Black
Material Hard plastic (Polycarbonaat)
Gaming chair characteristics Built-in RGB lighting
Gaming desk characteristics Built-in RGB lighting, Cup holder, Headphone holder, Incl. Mous Pad
Gross weight (product + packaging) 17,3
Box dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 107 x 65,5 x 11 cm