Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair with footrest black

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The Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair offers a premium seating experience at an entry-level price. All components and materials used in the Ranqer in this series have been carefully selected to provide the support you deserve during long sessions behind the computer. You no longer have to worry about getting back problems after a gaming session: you can just keep focusing on the game! 

- High end appearance
- Made of sturdy materials
- Available in multiple colors
- Designed for long hours behind the screen
- Detailed finish
- Can be used without and with cushions
- Fold-out footrest

Including: Back and neck pillow! Also with folding footrest!

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Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair with footrest black

The Felix Pro gaming chair is a racing style based gaming chair. When designing this chair, attention was paid to its ergonomic and qualitative features. Numerous functions have been added to this gaming chair to adjust it as accurately as possible to your posture and to give you the best possible gaming experience. The Ranqer Felix Pro is also a nice addition to your office to adopt a good posture while working and you will experience fewer back or neck complaints. Thanks to the adjustable and removable neck and back support, you will always be in the right position from now on. What makes this chair perfect for eSports gamers is its sturdy metal base with high back support and steel frame. These ensure that you feel supported in all the right places to optimize your gaming experience. With the Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair you are ready to dominate every gaming session online!

The gaming chair with footrests for a better posture, seating comfort and gaming experience

The stylish Ranqer gaming chair with footrests mainly offers comfort, but also offers a healthy posture and improved performance. If you're looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience, a gaming chair with footrests may be a good option to consider. As a gamer you want to sit comfortably for hours without suffering from pain in your back or legs. A gaming chair with footrests can help keep your back straight and your legs at a comfortable height, which can help improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue. Good posture is important for your health and can help reduce back pain and other related complaints. A gaming chair with footrests can help maintain good posture, which can contribute to a healthier and more comfortable gaming experience. In addition, when you sit comfortably, you are able to fully concentrate on the game without being distracted by pain or discomfort. This can lead to improved performance and a better gaming experience. Gaming chairs with footrests often have a stylish look and can be a nice addition to your gaming setup.

Chair for gaming with butterfly mechanism

There is a tilt mechanism under the seat of an office and gaming chair. The tilt mechanism allows you to personalize your sitting position for optimum comfort and support. Ranqer Felix Pro uses a Butterfly mechanism. With this ''Butterfly mechanism'', 1 controller is used for both lifting and locking the chair. This lock is small and easy to use. The tilting mechanism is of high quality and suitable for professional and intensive use.

A comfortable gaming chair

This Felix Pro gaming chair is one of the most comfortable chairs from Ranqer. With its pleasant support for the lower back, neck and legs, this chair is a pleasure to sit in. The gaming chair is designed for gamers who spend long hours behind the screen. By putting the gaming chair in the right position, you play more comfortably than ever and you sit right in front of your monitor or TV!

Gaming chair that adapts to your posture

The Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair can be positioned entirely according to your wishes. This gaming chair has several ergonomic features, such as an upright to reclining tilt mechanism, a height adjustment and a footrest. Furthermore, use the included back and neck supports to game, work and relax from the most comfortable and ergonomic position. This way you prevent back and neck complaints and your concentration is completely at stake.

Complete your gaming setup with this gaming chair

The gaming chairs are known for their ultramodern design and comfortable seat. In addition to cool lighting, a good microphone and excellent sound, a gaming chair contributes to a better gaming experience. It is the showpiece of your game setup and immediately stands out during streams.

Ideal as an office chair

This is a premium gaming chair from top to bottom. The PU leather on the Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair gives it a luxurious look and prevents wear. Gaming chair comfort features like the padded back/headrest and footrest provide comfort during those long hours at the office or behind your screen. Thanks to the adjustable armrests (4D), which you can place in different positions to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself, you will no longer experience sore arms after a long gaming session. The Ranqer Felix Pro Gaming Chair is built on a metal frame and covered with durable PU leather. The metal frame is robust and the gas spring supports gamers up to 150 kilos.


- Neck pillow: (W) 32 x (H) 20 x (D) 9 cm
- Back cushion: (W) 34 x (H) 20 x (D) 9 cm

- Adjustable backrest 90-180°
- Backrest width: 54 cm
- Back length: 82 cm

- Adjustable armrests 4D: 8 cm
- Armrest to armrest: 68 cm
- Armrest lowest to highest: 60 - 78 cm

- Minimum seat height: 45 cm
- Max seat height: 55 cm

- Seating surface width with side: 54 cm
- Seating surface width without side: 38 cm
- Seat surface depth: 50 cm

- Wheelbase (chassis) diameter: 73 cm

- Max weight: 150 kg
- Chair weight: 20 kg

- Chair dimensions: (W) 68 x (H) 128-138 x (D) 72 cm
- Supplied in box, box dimensions: (W) 89 x (H) 33 x (D) 65 cm

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Tip from SB Supply: Put the Ranqer Felix Pro gaming chair in the correct position to prevent back problems

EAN 8720598690613
Weight (product) 18
Brand Ranqer
Color Black
Material PU leather
Gaming chair characteristics Adjustable armrest, Adjustable backrest, Gaming chair for tall person, Gaming chair with footrest, Office chair, Removable neck pillow
Gaming chair armrest 2D
Gross weight (product + packaging) 19,8
Box dimensions (L*W*H) in cm 83 x 65 x 33 cm