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Nordic Gaming is a very popular brand among ambitious gamers and is known for its beautiful and comfortable pro gaming chairs. The different features, ultra-modern look and detailed finish combine to create the ultimate gaming experience. You can choose from a wide range of models and colours. Not quite what you're looking for? Then take a look at our gaming category.

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Nordic Gaming Victory gaming desk

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Nordic Gaming Champion V2 RGB gaming desk

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Nordic Gaming Carbon Gaming Chair Black

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Which gaming chair should I buy?

Finding the right gaming chair is not always easy. There are many different models to choose from. Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience with built-in RGB lighting or is it more important that the chair is fully adjustable? When looking for a gaming chair, it is also important to consider your height. At Nordic Gaming, they have a full range of gamer chairs to suit the needs of gamers. There are gaming chairs with extra long backs, adjustable parts, built-in RGB lighting and even a special size for children.

Different types of gaming chairs from Nordic Gaming

Whether you are a PC or PlayStation gamer, if you like to play for hours and hours, a good gamer chair is a must. The comfortable seat and ultra-modern design make these gaming chairs a real statement. Gamer chairs from Scandinavia are known for their full body support and maximum ergonomics. A very popular brand among gamers looking for maximum performance!

Nordic Gaming Racer (gaming chair for tall people)

The Racer gamer chair is an absolute hit within Nordic Gaming. A chair that is known for its sporty design, longer backrest, adjustable parts and neck and back support cushion. Use the included back and neck supports to play, work and relax in the most comfortable position. As the chair has a longer backrest and a raised head cushion, it is ideal for taller players. If you ask us, this is an absolute must for the pro gamer. Discover the Nordic Gaming Racer now.

Nordic Gaming Blaster RGB (gaming chair with LED lights)

The Blaster RGB is a unique gaming chair. Thanks to the integrated RGB (red, green and blue) lighting, you can create a whole new gaming experience. Create a whole light show in your gaming room or customize the colours to suit. With 33 colour and pulse combinations, six pure colours and different settings, you can customise your gaming set up. The Nordic Gaming Blaster is also ideal for the office or teleworking. By turning off the integrated lighting, you can create a professional and luxurious look. The Blaster RGB series is built on a metal frame and supports gamers up to 150 kilos. It's for gamers who demand only the best. Discover the Nordic Gaming Blaster RGB now.

Nordic Gaming Teen Racer (small gaming chair)

The Teen Racer Gamer Chair is the smaller version of the Racer series and therefore ideal for the young pro gamer. If you spend long hours in a gaming chair, it is important that the dimensions correspond to your own height. This way you have full body support. The Teen Racer is in fact the smaller version of the normal Racer. See the picture at the bottom of the page. Discover the Nordic Gaming Teen Racer now.

Nordic Gaming Little Warrior (gaming chair for children)

The Little Warrior gaming chair is specially designed for small gamers. Due to its much smaller size, it is ideal for children aged 6 to 12 years. As children are still developing, it is very important to give them full back and neck support. The Little Warrior series is built on a wooden frame and supports players up to 100 kg. Discover now the Little Warrior Nordic.

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