Nordic Gaming Little Warrior - Gaming Chair - Black

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With a good gaming chair, you can spend more hours behind the screen and maintain a healthy posture. Prevent back pain and keep your focus on the game, because a real gamer never takes a break. With this Nordic Gaming Little Warrior gaming chair, you will achieve better performance and dominate every gaming session!

- Designed for long hours behind the screen
- Available in multiple colours
- Comfortable upholstery
- Equipped with a metal base

Product size: 102 x 43 x 44 CM

Regular Price: €99.99

Aanbieding prijs €69.99

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Nordic Gaming Little Warrior Gaming Chair Black

For anyone who spends more than an hour gaming, this is a great chair. Fine upholstery for long gaming. Available in 4 different colours. This chair, designed especially for the young gamers among us, is a great addition to your game room. Not only does this chair have a sporty look, it also makes sure that you suffer less from back problems. The chair is adjustable.

A gaming chair for children

The Nordic little warrior gaming chair is specially designed for children and therefore has much smaller dimensions. This chair is therefore only recommended for children between 6 and 12 years of age. As mentioned earlier, this chair ensures that children suffer less from back problems, which in the long term can be very beneficial for the growth of your body.

Is this gaming chair right for my kids?

If your kids often spend a lot of time gaming and want to sit more comfortably, this chair is definitely recommended. This chair is also available in several colours. The armrests are made of nylon so that your arms can rest comfortably when holding a controller.

Affordable gaming chair for your gaming set-up

For a cheap price, you get a nice chair made of fine materials like: nylon, fake leather, foam padding, metal and plastic.
Many young gamers don't use a good gaming chair, which can prevent their body from developing properly, so we recommend buying a gaming chair like this one to make sure they can game for a long time and still maintain a healthy posture. Always make sure that the gaming chair is adjusted to a good height to prevent back problems.

- Adjustable seat height (10 cm)
- Dimensions: 102x43x44 cm
- Max weight: 100kg
- For children 6 - 12 years

Product SKU WN2563-BK
EAN 5710598023132
Weight (product) 10
Brand Nordic Gaming
Color Black
Material PU leather
Product size 102 x 43 x 44 CM
Gaming chair characteristics Child size