Bluelounge accessories combine design and practicality!

Bluelounge is an award-winning international design studio known for its innovative and sleek products with a beautiful design. Bluelounge products are of the highest quality and have a beautiful design, such as the famous CableBoxCableDrop and the new Sanctuary 4. The CableBox from Bluelounge solves the cable clutter in your living room. With more and more digital devices, all the cables are becoming increasingly confusing. International design studio Bluelounge creates progressive and user-friendly tidying accessories that help you tidy up your cables and keep order in your home or office.

Bluelounge CableDrop

For every problem, Bluelounge sees a solution. There is always an opportunity for improvement. Cables can be effortlessly managed, organised and tidied. Bluelounge accessories help you get it in order. The Bluelounge CableDrop is a well-known example. These clips help you organize messy, loose, tangled cables on the desk, next to the computer or behind the TV.