Bluelounge CableDrop Mini 9-pack black

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The Bluelounge CableDrop Mini clips black you can use to keep your desk neat and orderly. Give cables a fixed place and prevent them from sliding behind the desk. This set includes 9 black Bluelounge CableDrops Mini clips. For thicker cables, the regular 6 Pack CableDrops will suffice.


Bluelounge CableDrop Mini 9-pack black

This package contains 9 pieces of Bluelounge CableDrop Mini in black. The CableDrop Mini is equipped with an adhesive layer with which you can easily stick it to the place where you need it.

This clever product allows you to clip your cables wherever you want, thus preventing the cables from disappearing behind your desk or getting tangled. You can also use the white Bluelounge Cable Drop Mini for other purposes such as a pen holder, a holder for your earbuds, or for getting rid of cables for the lights in your home!

Package contents:

- 9 x BlueLounge CableDrop Mini black

Product SKU CDM-BL
EAN 8886466090982
Brand Bluelounge
Color Black