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According to Satechi, technology should be limitless, timeless and forever evolving to suit your modern lifestyle. Satechi makes beautifully designed accessories for exclusive use with Apple laptops. Satechi is a big Mac fan itself, and therefore knows the Mac user inside out. New accessories developed by Satechi personalise, protect and enhance your experience with Apple products. From charging docks to wireless headphones, each gadget promises quality and sleek design. Want to buy a Satechi product? Check out our range of Satechi products!

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About Satechi

Satechi was one of the first consumer electronics brands to design USB-C products and has since become an industry leader. Today, Satechi produces and delivers sleek accessories to people all over the world. Satechi now offers award-winning USB-C hubs and adapters, as well as a variety of charging accessories, computer peripherals, and smart home products.

Our Satechi products

Satechi USB-C hubs

Satechi USB-C hubs allow you to charge and sync multiple devices simultaneously through the USB ports. The Satechi adapters feature the most essential connections. Use the Ethernet port for a super-fast internet connection or share your screen via the 4K HDMI connection. This makes it even easier to watch your self-edited holiday videos. Thanks to USB-A ports you have the possibility to connect all kinds of peripherals to your laptop. Think of a wired mouse, printer or external keyboard. With the integrated Micro-SD slot you can easily transfer files or provide your laptop with extra memory.

Tip from SB Supply Check carefully which devices you want to connect and which connections you need. This way you can be sure that you choose the right hub.

Satechi Bluetooth Media Button

Use the Satechi Media button to switch through your songs in the car or on the bike. This Media Button is easy to attach to your steering wheel or bike handlebars with the included accessories. 

Satechi Wireless Chargers

Thanks to Satechi's wireless chargers, you no longer have to worry about annoying cables while charging. Simply place your smartphone on the charging stand and the fast charging starts. 

Satechi Apple watch stand

Use the Satechi watch stand to display your Apple Smartwatch. Your Apple Watch is raised and lies at an angle. This makes it easier to look at your watch from the bed. The stand works with the magnetic Apple Watch charging cable. 

Order Satechi at SB Supply

At SB Supply, you will find a wide range of different types of USB-C hubs, adapters and stands. Will you order your new Satechi hub before 22:00? Then they will be sent out the same day. Not sure which kind of hub has all the connections you need? We'll be happy to help you make the best choice. You can contact our customer service for more information or advice.