Satechi Magnetic Car Vent Mount silver

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The beautiful silver Satechi Magnet Vent Mount is rotatable, flexible and suitable for phones of different brands, sizes and types. The two magnetic plates are also included in different sizes, so that you can always use this luxury car holder, whichever phone you have.

- Hands-free
- Rotatable
- MagSafe compatible
- Fits all vents

Includes: Magnetic plate that sticks to the back of your phone, this makes every phone compatible with the mount


Satechi Magnetic Car Vent Mount silver

This luxury car holder from Satechi is suitable for attachment to the ventilation grille of your car. This also allows you to safely use your navigation system, for example, in your car. The holder works with magnetic plates, which you can place on the inside of your phone case or with the adhesive layer on the back of your smartphone. The magnetic holder that you then attach to the ventilation grille ensures that your phone hangs securely and you can use it hands-free.

EAN 0879961005498
Brand Satechi
Color Silver