iPhone 12 Mini Screen protectors

Start met een screenprotector voor je iPhone 12 Mini

Start with a screen protector for your iPhone 12 Mini

An absolute must for anyone buying a new phone: a screen protector! You definitely want to prevent your brand new iPhone 12 Mini from having a crack in the screen right away. It happens too often that people are stubborn and don't do this and a few weeks later they are back in the shop for a new phone. At SB Supply we do not let this happen! Casecentive screenprotectors are an absolute must with a good price/quality ratio. We always have them in stock so we always have one for you. Order one now and make sure your iPhone is well protected.

Choose from our wide selection of protective layers for your iPhone 12 Mini. Have special needs? We have 3D and 2D screen protectors!

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3D screenprotector vs. 2D screenprotectors

Both screenprotectors are super durable and of good quality, yet they have a different level of protection. A 3D screenprotector offers full protection from edge to edge. A 2D screenprotector also provides good protection, but less on the side of the glass. The 3D screenprotector has a black layer on the side of the glass so you can hardly see it.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass screen protectors tend to last much longer than plastic screen protectors. This is due to the composition of tempered glass, which is much stronger than other materials. It is chemically treated to be even stronger than before. This offers a hardness of 9H.