Bluetens small electrodes 12 pieces

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The Bluetens small electrodes 12 pieces are very easy to use and have a soft effect similar to a gentle caress. This effect is appropriate for muscle pain relief. It is a natural and effective effect that prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.



Bluetens small electrodes 12 pieces

The Bluetens electrodes can be used between 20 and 30 times this will provide immediate relief from muscle pain. After that they will need to be replaced to optimize the dispersion and conductivity of the Bluetens device. The electrodes are used up when they no longer stick or when the edges start to curl. These electrodes have a size of 5 by 5 cm. The package contains 12 pieces. 

- Small, light and compacted 

- Suitable for anyone experiencing muscle tensioN

-Treat different body parts at the same time

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