Bluetens connected electrostimulator

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The Bluetens connected electrostimulator relaxes your muscles, relieves pain and strengthens the body. With the accompanying app, you have access to 100 different programs for up to 15 body areas.

- Certified medical device
- Recovery, muscle strengthening and pain relief
- Various massage programs
- Comes with 8 reusable electrodes
- Different treatment effects
- Easy to use
- Compact and lightweight
- The app is available in English, French, German and Dutch

The Bluetens electrostimulator is compatible from ios 7 and android 6

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Bluetens connected electrostimulator

Thanks to new treatment protocols, people are getting better at dealing with painful periods without side effects. The Bluetens connected electrostimulator is able to very effectively relieve pain, relax muscles and strengthen your body when exercising. The electrostimulator is also very light (25 grams), which makes it ideal for travelling. Through a USB cable, the Bluetens stimulator can be charged, after which it lasts 4 to 5 hours. The intensity of the electrotherapy can be adjusted on the device.

Pain relief

Through electrotherapy different types of pain can easily be treated. Think of: osteoarthritis, arthritis, neuralgia, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, nerve muscles, chronic pain, sprain, sciatica, lumbago, cruralgia, periostitis, heavy legs, painful periods & endometriosis, etc.


Thanks to 100 different programs, you can recover after an intense physical activity or relax after a long day of work. The Bluetens connected electrostimulator is there for everyone and for various purposes. Relax the muscles to prevent cramps and improve your performance.


Thanks to the Bluetens electrostimulator, you can train very effectively and in a targeted way. Improve your sports performance by training your muscles and increasing your abstinence, without overloading the joints. This is because they are not stimulated.

In the box:

- 1x Bluetens electrostimulator
- 1x USB charging cable
- 8x Reusable electrodes (small & medium)
- 1x Cable to connect the electrodes to the stimulator
- 1x Protective hard case

EAN 3760071200804
Brand Bluetens
Color White