All questions about Bluetens can be found here - usage, problems and solutions


There are many users for whom the Bluetens (or Duo Sport) device is indispensable in their daily lives for medical or sporting reasons. When problems arise it can be very annoying. We have therefore summarized all the important information regarding Bluetens.

What is the general procedure in case of problems with the product?

In general, we ask customers to first go to Bluetens' customer service. For two reasons in particular: resellers do not necessarily have the time and all the keys to effectively resolve the situation, and in 90% of cases it is an application bug or an accessory (wireless clip, cable) issue. Bluetens has the ability to quickly diagnose this problem and act accordingly.

How does Bluetens' electrosimulation work?

The electrical stimulation created by the Bluetens replicates a natural process controlled by the brain. This involves sending a small electrical impulse to certain muscles. The programs created by physical therapists allow you to relax, heal or strengthen. The frequency, intensity and duration can be completely adjusted to your personal preferences. Every body reacts differently.

What do I use the Bluetens for?

Pain relief:

Through electrotherapy, different types of pain can easily be treated. Think of: osteoarthritis, arthritis, neuralgia, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, nerve muscles, chronic pain, sprain, sciatica, lumbago, cruralgia, periostitis, heavy legs, painful periods & endometriosis, etc.


Thanks to 100 different programs, you can recover after an intense physical activity or relax after working a long day. The Bluetens connected electrostimulator is for everyone and for various purposes. Relax the muscles to prevent cramps and improve your performance.


Thanks to the Bluetens electrostimulator, you can train very effectively and in a targeted way. Improve your sports performance by training your muscles and increasing your abstinence, without overloading the joints. These are in fact not stimulated.

What types of electrotherapy are there?

When we talk about electrotherapy, we currently know two types: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). The former is used to relieve pain by stimulating the secretion of endorphins, while the latter tightens muscles by contracting them. Here, the main goal is to strengthen muscles. Bluetens responds to this by offering 3 modes:

Instinctive stimulation mode:

By stimulating certain nerve fibers, Bluetens products shorten the pain message immediately and transmit it more slowly to the brain.

Chest Stimulation Mode

This second mode causes endorphins to be released, so you feel a real and lasting sense of relief in your painful areas. Once released, the endorphins play their calming role for several hours, even after the program ends.

Relaxation Mode:

Bluetens devices double the benefits of a manual massage. This is done by acting on your muscles and encouraging them to relax, boosting blood circulation and removing toxins that have accumulated in the muscles.

How do I start a program of Bluetens?

With all the functionalities of the Bluetens, you can quickly become overwhelmed. We have therefore prepared a brief example of one of the ways to use Bluetens:

The following steps are great to use in a muscle building session after a right calf injury. Place yourself in a sitting position, back straight, legs parallel and ankles on the floor. Take your Bluetens, cable and electrodes and start the Bluetens app. Select the body area (calf) and choose the action "Care" and then click "GO! ". You will open in the app the list of different programs whose description is available by clicking on them. Make your choice and click on "GO! ". The app then tells you the exact location of the electrodes. Then place them according to the anatomical drawing as shown in the app. The Bluetens app will now ask you to turn on your Bluetens device, after a few seconds of synchronization the session will begin.

Should I use electrosimulation before, during or after physical activity?

That depends entirely on what you want to achieve with electrotherapy. Before exercise, electrostimulation can prepare the muscle(s) for physical activity. During exercise, electrostimulation allows you to strengthen the muscle in action in real time, which increases the effectiveness of the physical exercise being performed. This allows you to exercise much more effectively. After physical exertion, electrostimulation can help to stimulate the muscle and thus prevent pain after an intense workout. Whatever situation you use electrostimulation for, it will always have a positive effect on your body. For example, it increases blood circulation and accelerates muscle regeneration.

Is electrosimulation safe (safety tips)?

Electro-simulation is absolutely safe. Please read the safety precautions in the user manual to ensure safe use.
- Do not use Bluetens in water or in a humid atmosphere (sauna, hydrotherapy, steam room, etc.).
- It is forbidden to place the electrodes on the carotid sinus region (at the front of the neck), transcérébral (on the head) or transthoraxal (across the chest).
- Use only the electrode cable supplied by Bluetens.
- Never connect the electrode cable to an external power source, this would result in a risk of electrocution.
- Do not use damaged or defective electrodes.
- Always use Bluetens' USB cable to charge the device.
- Never use the Bluetens or the USB cable if it is damaged.
- Keep Bluetens and its accessories out of the reach of children.
- Do not use Bluetens while driving.

Is electrotherapy for me?

In principle, anyone can use electrostimulation. Whether you want to use it for simple muscle relaxation or intense muscle strengthening. Electrotherapy can be used for the following purposes:
- To relieve muscle pain and tension or as part of a post-operative treatment.
- After a day of work where your back has been exposed to poor sitting positions. An appropriate program will relax the painful areas.
- After some physical exertion. With a program you can avoid pain and relax your muscles.
- While practicing a sport. A program will enhance the effect of a workout and promote recovery afterwards.

People with the following characteristics are prohibited from using Bluetens:

- Uses a pacemaker
- Susceptible to epilepsy
- Irregularities of the heart or heart disease.
- Diabetes (as a sensitivity disorder)
- Denervation

Use is also strongly discouraged for pregnant women and those with a herniated disc.

Tip from SB Supply: Are you not quite sure if you can use the Bluetens with your health conditions. When in doubt, always ask your doctor for advice.

When do I have to replace my electrodes?

With normal use the electrodes can be used 20 to 30 times. When the electrodes do not stick anymore or when the edges of the electrodes start to curl or become granular, the electrodes need to be replaced. You can buy these electrodes from us on the website. It is important to replace the electrodes in time to keep the spread and conductivity of the Bleutens device optimal.

The best selling products from Bluetens

Bluetens connected electrostimulator

The Bluetens connected electrostimulator relaxes your muscles, relieves pain and strengthens the body. With the accompanying app, you have access to 100 different programs for up to 15 body areas. This product is the best choice for you if you:

- Want to improve his daily life by relieving his pain naturally.
- Looking for an alternative without drugs
- Want to get back in shape and strengthen certain parts of the body
- Needs a relaxing massage after exercise

Bluetens Duo Sport

With the Bluetens Duo Sport you will improve your sports performance and train more effectively than ever before! Thanks to two electrostimulators you can treat several body areas at the same time. This product is the best choice for you if you:

- Desire to improve performance and recovery
- Athletes of all levels who are looking for a compact, wireless solution to get the most out of their workout
- Want to enjoy more features than the standard Bluetens electrostimulator

The most common problems with Bluetens

Pairing / connection problems.

Bluetens devices are "Plug and Play", which means that the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the device is automatic. So you don't have to try to manually pair the two devices through the smartphone's settings. This is also clearly explained in the user manual. We strongly recommend that you first check that the connection is working properly. If this is not the case, you can contact our customer service directly. For Android users, it is necessary to enable location services to connect. Bluetens has no further access to data from your smartphone or tablet.

Error message: "Please insert all electrodes".

This message may appear as soon as a program is started, or after a few minutes. In 95% of the cases the electrode cable is no longer recognized by the device. You can check this quite easily by running a program and holding the end of the cable firmly on the Bluetens (or DS), once the program starts, move it slightly and the error should appear immediately. To solve this problem you just need to replace the electrode cable. If this message appears on a new or very recent Bluetens, or the problem persists despite replacing the cable, then there is a technical problem with the Bluetens.

Error message: "Request for timeout."

This error that appears on the application when starting a program has several causes and possible solutions:

- Disable and reactivate your smartphone's Bluetooth.
- Make sure the Bluetens app is up-to-date and the Bluetens is fully charged.
- Restart everything and then activate Bluetooth and location services (Android)
- Restart the bluetens
- Restart the program.

These steps should solve the problem. If the problem persists despite all the tests, it means that the device is defective.

Different intensity right and left

'One side works harder than the other, is that normal?'

We understand that this may indicate a defect. However, this is not the case. The intensity depends on the dominant side of each person (right-handed or left-handed). This is because the muscular system is somewhat different from each other and each body reacts differently to certain impulses. So if your dominant side is right, your right thigh will become more muscular at the same intensity. The contraction of your muscles by electro stimulation will also be more visible. With the Bluetens Duo Sport you can bridge this difference by using the devices in SPLIT mode. This allows you to operate both devices independently and increase the intensity on the weaker side.


Contraindications are listed on the back of the package, in the user manual and in the introduction to the application. You can also use the devices of Bluetens with: dental implants, the presence of an IUD regardless of its composition, wearing prostheses (hip, knee, etc.). If you have any doubts or prefer to receive a more detailed answer, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

I do not have a smartphone or tablet

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, it certainly makes things complicated, but nothing is impossible! The programs that are on the app can be downloaded directly to the memory of the Bluetens itself. The download only takes a few seconds and the next time you start the Bluetens or Duo Sport, that program will be played by default. This does mean that if necessary, you have to borrow someone else's smartphone or tablet to be able to put a program on the Bluetens.

The Bluetens does not turn off / does not turn on

This happens in fortunately only in rare cases. If you can't get the Bluetens to turn off, we recommend fully discharging it and then charging it again. Once charged, reset it and let it charge for an hour. It is possible that the problem is with the USB cable, try a similar cable. If the problem persists in either case despite these solutions and tests, it means that the Bluetens is defective.

The battery of my Bluetens can no longer be charged

If this is not due to natural wear and tear (intensive use), the manufacturer's warranty is 2 years. You can run an average of 1 or 2 programs before you need to recharge the Bluetens.

Problems with the Bluetens app or accessories

Bluetens offers connected devices, which unfortunately sometimes experience minor bugs related to an app update. Rest assured, Bluetens does very few updates per year (2 on average) and that does not necessarily mean there is a bug. However, on Android smartphones, sometimes there is a localized bug between the application and a version of an Android system. Often small bugs are fixed within 24-48 hours in the form of a fix (update).


If you have technical questions about your Bluetens, please do not hesitate to contact: [email protected]. For questions about your purchase, delivery or inspection of your Bluetens order: please visit our contact page for more info. We will be happy to help you.