Bluetens medium electrodes 8 pieces

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Bluetening electrodes can be used 20 to 30 times. They will then need to be replaced in order to optimize the dispersion and conductivity of the Bluetens device. These electrodes are 10 by 5 cm in size. There are 8 pieces in the package. Bluetens bypasses the message of pain immediately by stimulating specific nerves, allowing the pain signal to reach the brain more slowly. Bluetens is effective for both muscle recovery and muscle strengthening in all types of athletes.

- Certified medical device
- 8 reusable electrodes
- Easy to use
- Compact and lightweight


Bluetens medium electrodes 8 pieces

The Bluetens medium electrodes 8 pieces are placed in pairs on the body part of your choice. You can easily identify them by the color of the electrode cable, which is blue in one pair and white in the other. Bluetens is a muscle stimulator that is used in electrotherapy. Work or stress, for example, can cause muscle tension. Muscles may become stiff and painful.

Furthermore, (intense) sports can cause muscle pain because muscles can become overloaded, stiff, and painful. Electrotherapy, which involves the delivery of small electrical impulses, can be used to reduce muscle tension and pain while also restoring muscle tissue. Electrotherapy is also commonly used to reduce hypersensitivity or increase muscle strength.

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