heat_it Smart Treatment Device for insect bites Lightning

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The heat_it Smart Treatment Device is a medical product to relieve itching and pain from insect bites. Itchy bites can be relieved quickly and easily by treating with heat, which is made possible with a connection to your phone.

- Small pocket size
- No chemicals
- Works within minutes
- No more itching 

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heat_it Smart Treatment Device for insect bites Lightning

Never use chemicals again to treat your bites and stings. Now you can treat those troubles in moments with your own smartphone. Simply plug the device into the charging port and the app will open. Apply the device on your stitch and heat_it!

Heattreatment to reduce itchiness

The treatment only uses natural heat and without any chemicals. By only using your own phone battery, you can benefit from a sustainable product with no other costs. To relieve itching and pain, the affected area of skin is briefly heated to around 51 °C. By using concentrated heat, you can treat insect bites reliably and easily. This chemical-free active principle of local hyperthermia has been medically confirmed.

Use the corresponding treatment app

With our app you can tailor the treatment to your personal needs. Therefore, this device is also perfect for children from the age of 4, with supervision ofcourse. The free and intuitively designed app offers a total of 12 different treatment options. After brief heating, the contact surface of the heat_it is placed on the stitch. Depending on the setting in the app, the treatment lasts 4, 7 or 10 seconds. After the treatment your skin won't hurt anymore.

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