Heat it


Heat it is the ideal way to relieve itching and pain from an insect bite. This is done via the smart treatment device. To relieve itching & pain, the affected skin area is briefly heated to approximately 51 °C. This chemistry-free working principle of local hyperthermia has been medically confirmed. It is reliable and safe. Say hello to a nice summer without itching and scratching. You will be thrilled!

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The Heat it Smart Treatment Device is a medical product made to combat itching and pain from insect bites. It helps against insect bites from mosquitoes, horseflies, wasps and bees.

Heat treatment

The treatment of insect bites is done by using heat. This involves briefly heating the painful/ itchy area to 51°C. By focusing the heat on a small area, the insect bite can be easily treated. During the heat treatment, no chemicals are released making the device safe to use. Depending on the settings in the app, the treatment takes 4.7 or 10 seconds.


The Heat it smart treatment device is small and handy. This makes it easy to take the device with you to any location. In addition to fitting in your pocket, the device can be attached to your keychain. So you are prepared at any time to combat itching and pain.

Pairing with smartphone

The device can be used by simply pairing it with your smartphone. Through the app you can manually add your personal needs so you have a treatment that suits your sensitivity. The smart treatment device can be used by the whole family including children from 4 years old (under parental supervision). From 12 years it is possible to use the heat device independently.

In addition, the device does not need a separate battery. By connecting it to your smartphone you can easily use the Heat it smart device. The Heat it smart treatment device Lightning is suitable for the iPhone and the Heat it smart treatment device USB-C is suitable for Android.