Cases for construction workers: Protection and Functionality

The construction sector is finally picking up the pace again, in more and more areas we see new housing developments happening. The construction sector is therefore benefiting from the improving economy. The iPad and iPhone have now become indispensable in the construction industry as well. After all, technology offers many possibilities. It has never been so easy to always have the right information and drawings at hand. In addition, the communication between the parties involved is optimal.

Hoesjes voor de bouw

Although our smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, they are not designed for the tough life on the construction site. Drops, wetness, dust and gravel are aspects of construction that the smartphone cannot withstand without the necessary protection. But we wouldn't be SB Supply if we didn't offer appropriate solutions for this. In this blog you can read all our recommendations for the best protective cases for construction sites.

What is important in a case for construction sites?

Not every case is suitable for life on the construction site. There are various aspects and specifications that make a case more or less suitable. We look at two core values ​​during construction: protection and ease of use.


This core value seems logical and is also the first thing we expect from a case. However, not all cases protect equally as good, because this mainly depends on the material. The best protective covers are often made up of multiple layers and materials in order to offer optimal protection. In addition, more and more brands are extensively tested to meet the standards of the US military in the field of fall protection.

Ease of use:

In addition to good protection, it is also important to look at ease of use. After all, the buttons and connections of your smartphone or tablet must remain easily accessible. So keep this in mind when purchasing a construction proof cover.

Functionality (optional):

Some cases have additional functionalities that can significantly increase the ease of use of smartphones and tablets. Let's see what additional options and functions are possible:

  • There are cases that have a handle or hand strap on the back. This makes it easy to hold the iPad while keeping your other hand free to use the Multi-Touch display.
  • Put your iPad down for a while if you have your hands full with building materials or want to use it for other purposes? Thanks to the integrated stand, it has never been so easy to put your iPad upright.
  • With a D-ring on your case you literally have your smartphone around your neck. The clip can be attached to a lanyard or belt. Ideal during work as a construction worker!

iPad cases for construction

Keeping an overview during construction is not always easy. In addition, there are often hundreds of construction drawings and lists of tasks. A somewhat larger screen such as the iPad is often the solution. This way you stay informed of the latest changes, you have all the blueprints at hand and it is easier than ever to make notes on the construction drawings. The Griffin Survivor cases are a great solution for protecting your iPad. It offers good protection against heavy blows, is resistant to some wetness and is dustproof. In addition, this case meets the aforementioned military standards for construction.

Advice from SB Supply: We think the Griffin Survivor cases, the Casecentive Ultimate cases, and the Casecentive Handstrap cases are the best choices if you use the iPad on construction sites.

iPhone cases for construction

Easy to use, perfect size, and full of possibilities. There are plenty of options when it comes to optimal protection for smarthphones. The Uag Pathfinder covers are ideally suited for use in construction. These cases offer extremely good protection against drops and bumps. Do you want a waterproof option? Then the Catalyst cases are a great option.

Advice from SB Supply: In our opinion, the UAG Pathfinder cases and the Griffin Survivor cases are the best choices if you use the iPhone on construction sites.

Mounts for the iPad and iPhone

Especially in construction it is sometimes useful if you can attach the iPad on to something, so that you have your hands free for other purposes. To make this possible, you as a construction worker will have to use two things: A mount and a case with a suitable connector. The Joy Factory brand is a specialist in mounts and matching cases, thanks to the integrated magnetic connector found on many cases from The Joy Factory. This way you can easily mount the iPad in all kinds of places: on pipes, walls, cabinets, desks, tripods, and up to and including a scan mount.

Advice from SB Supply: In our opinion, the Joy Factoy cases and mounts are the best choice when you want to attach your iPhone or iPad on to something.

Tips for your construction company

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