Leather Or Fabric Gaming Chair?

It can be difficult to decide which type of gaming chair you should buy. One of the main choices is the material of the gamer chair. PU leather and fabric are two of the most popular, and both are great options, but they are also very different.

We're going to look at each material so we can help you understand how they can affect the pros of your chair. From there, we hope you can make the best decision about which one suits your needs the most.

PU Leather Gaming Chair

PU leather is like leather, but not exactly. It is an artificial leather product made from split leather. Split leather is the part of the animal skin that remains after the production of real leather. Once the split leather is removed, it is coated with polyurethane and then usually applied to the surface of the gaming chair. This polyurethane gives it a glossy finish.

Compared to real leather, PU leather is much easier to maintain because the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. In addition, the material is water and dirt repellent. However, it should be noted that PU leather is less breathable, which can lead to sweating, especially in summer. 

PU leather gamer chair durability

Thanks to the smooth, shiny surface of PU leather gaming chairs, they are virtually immune to damage from liquids (soda, coffee, etc.) or other substances that may come into contact with them.

Note: Synthetic leather is not particularly scratch-resistant. A damaged PU leather surface is difficult to repair, so gamer chairs should be handled with care.


PU leather is synthetic and can therefore be easily dyed, allowing you to choose from a variety of colours for your chair. The quality of the leather is not compromised as it is always covered with polyurethane.

At SB Supply, you can choose from a wide variety of gaming chairs with different designs and colours to suit all your needs!


There is no doubt that leather is known for its longevity due to its unbeatable quality. However, it should be noted that leather requires a lot of maintenance. For example, animal leather should not be left in the sun as UV rays affect the quality and cause the material to discolour.

The Nordic Gaming Gold Premium SE is currently the only real leather gaming chair we have.

Fabric Gaming Chair

For those who do not want a leather office or gamer chair, there is still an alternative. Chairs made of fabric offer the advantage of being highly breathable and therefore provide a comfortable sitting environment in both winter and summer.


Compared to PU leather, the fabric is incredibly breathable. This is due to the fact that it is woven, which allows for small openings throughout the material. Air flows in and out, and sitting on a fabric gamer chair feels much cooler than a PU leather gaming chair. This is partly due to the fact that gaming chairs absorb moisture and are extremely breathable. Compared to a leather gamer chair, this means that the person sitting in it sweats much less.

Neoprene fabric gamer chair durability

Like PU leather, fabric has its ups and downs when it comes to durability, but in general it is considered quite durable. At SB Supply we use neoprene, this is synthetic rubber that is more expensive than simple fabric, neoprene is thick but light, stiff but also elastic, strong, and above all thermoregulatory!

Note: The more resistant the fabric, the more likely your gaming chair will last a long time and resist certain shocks.

Which gaming chair to choose? 

PU leather and neoprene fabric have undergone the same rigorous durability tests. Both are exceptionally durable and comfortable, but their different properties make them suitable for different users.

Ultimately, it all depends on your lifestyle needs and what you want in a gamer chair. If you are looking for the lowest maintenance upholstery, PU leather will be easier to maintain when new. But if you live in a hot area and are looking for more breathable padding and an airy feel, you'll want to choose neoprene fabric.

All chairs at SB Supply are designed for all-day comfort, no matter what upholstery you choose.

You can choose from a wide range of gamer chairs with different designs and colours to suit all your needs!  

Posted in Gaming By Linda Abkar