Mastering Networking with Digital Business Cards: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything is becoming more and more digital, including the world of work. So why should you still use outdated analogue business cards? In this blogpost, we introduce you to the digital business card. What it can do, how to create it and how you can never forget your Digital Business Card!

What is a digital business card?

The digital business card is a file that, like a traditional business card, contains data about a company and a person. What is new here is that in addition to job, name, contact details and company, you can also include digital aspects such as videos, photos and social media accounts, and of course that you can share them digitally. 

The goal is to get in touch and stay in touch with as many customers as possible as easily and uncomplicatedly as possible. Advantages here are the ease of communication, the ease of use, that not much memory is needed, the business card cannot get lost and the uniqueness. With a digital business card you stay in the memory and in the smartphone of your customers. 

Create a digital business card

There are many different providers of digital business cards, but the creation is very similar. In this blog we explain it to you using the provider POPL.

You create a digital business card similar to a social media profile.

Step 1: Registration

You can log in with your email, your Google account or your Facebook account. The name you enter is not very important and can be changed later. 

Step 2: Personal details 

Here you can include all the standard information found on analogue business cards: a photo of you, the company logo, information about your job and optionally your gender and birthday. 

Step 3: The creative part

Now we come to the real novelty of the digital business card, the digital links. Here you can let your creativity run wild, from social media profiles to email addresses and phone numbers to music and payment methods, everything is possible. 

Thus, the digital business card is worthwhile for all professionals! 

How does the digital business card work? 

The digital business card works via NFC, the same system you can use to pay with your smartphone. The other person doesn't need the app, just the NFC feature.

They simply hold the top of the iPhone or the middle of the Android smartphone, alternatively they can simply scan the code in the app.

iPhone case with integrated digital business card

The Nomad Sport protective case not only looks good, but also allows you to enjoy your iPhone to the fullest. The iPhone can be charged via a wireless Qi charger even without removing the case, and MagSafe accessories can still be used without any problems! A special bonus of this case: the NFC business card! When the smartphone is held against the bottom of the case where the NFC tag is integrated, a pop-up appears on the screen leading to a link, this is made possible by POPL. 

This case is available in the three colours for the following iPhone models: 

Grey: iPhone 13 mini - iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 Pro - iPhone 13 Pro Max

Blue: iPhone 13 mini - iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 Pro - iPhone 13 Pro Max

Black: iPhone 13 mini - iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 Pro - iPhone 13 Pro Max

Posted By John Gadzali