What you need to know about the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor

It's time to give the TICKR X the attention it deserves. The Wahoo TICKR X is the updated version of the TICKR that many are already familiar with. The TICKR already had features to help you train. These include real-time and accurate heart rate and calorie tracking, Bluetooth, ANT+ dual-band technology, Apple Watch integration, and seamless compatibility with third-party apps. The TICKR X goes above and beyond to take your workout to the next level.

How do you pair the TICKR X?

The TICKR X pairs in the same way as the TICKR. Pairing is easily done through the Wahoo Fitness app. The TICKR X works with all Apple devices that support iOS 11 or later and Android version 6 or later.

Please note: Since Android devices are still very different from iOS devices, compatibility cannot be guaranteed for every device. If you have an Android device, please download the Wahoo Fitness app before purchase to ensure compatibility.

#1 Place the TICKR on your chest (the TICKR X automatically turns on when it measures a heart rate).

  1. Secure the TICKR X with the push button on one side.
  2. Adjust the length of the strap so that it fits tightly but comfortably
  3. Moisten the rubber contacts for better measurement
  4. Wrap the loose end of the strap around your chest and secure it to the TICKR X with the snap button

#2 Connect the TICKR X to the Wahoo Fitness App.

Don't forget to activate "Bluetooth" function on your phone.

  1. Log in to the app and select "Pair or Sync Sensors".
  2. Click on "Add new sensor" and then click on "Setup Wizard".
  3. Follow the steps described in the app
  4. Select "Next" and click on your TICKR X when it appears
  5. Click "Finish Setup" (note: make sure any app updates have been made)
  6. Connecting to other apps or devices is similar

#3 Now you are ready to go

  1. Check that your smartphone is connected to the TICKR X.
  2. Select a workout from the Wahoo Fitness app and select "Start Workout".
  3. Click "Start!"

#4 End/Pause the training

  1. Press the red "Pause" button and then "Stop".
  2. Select for (1) Discard workout, (2) Save workout, or (3) Return to workout.
  3. When you select Save workout, a workout summary is immediately created for you

The TICKR X heart rate monitor uses one blue and one red LED to provide immediate feedback to the user during the pairing process. These LEDs light for approximately 30 seconds to conserve battery power. The red LED flashes each time a heartbeat is detected. The blue LED indicates the connection status and has three modes:

Slow flashing: (approx. 1x per second): TICKR is awake and not paired
Flashing 4x: occurs when a connection is established.
Fast flashing: (about 2x per second): TICKR is paired with a device.

How to wear the TICKR X

The TICKR X should be worn around the chest during exercise. I personally prefer to wear it slightly below the pectoral muscle to maintain full freedom of movement. Simply click the sensor onto one side of the band and pull the elastic band around your chest to ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. The TICKR X measures more accurately if the contact points on the back are coated with electrode gel. However, this is not necessary and is therefore optional.

What data does the TICKR X measure?

TICKR X measures your heart rate, calories burned, analyzes your running technique and tracks your cadence while running and cycling. This already provides you with a lot of data that you need for your training sessions. However, the TICKR X has other additional functions.

- Added ANT+ running efficiency support (Wahoo previously did not have standard running efficiency measurement).
- Expanded memory from 16 hours to 50 hours for storing workouts.
- Measure cadence for indoor cycling
- Measures pace/distance on the treadmill
- Displays efficiency metrics in the app
- Can set laps by tapping
- Can control the Wahoo app, even your music
- Can upload completed workouts to various third-party platforms

How does the offline training work?

A big advantage of the TICKR X over the TICKR is that you can train offline. This means that you do not need to have your phone with you during the workout. The TICKR X has up to 50 hours of internal memory! When you sync your phone with the TICKR X, it automatically saves your workout in the app. You don't have to delete the workout, the oldest workout is automatically deleted from the TICKR X. If you wear the heart rate monitor, your workout will be saved automatically. It is not necessary to set it up.

More connected than ever before

The new and improved TICKR X can connect with up to three devices via Bluetooth! The TICKR X can connect with the most popular training apps, including Zwift, Runkeeper and MapMyRun. In addition, the TICKR X is compatible with other Wahoo products. In the Wahoo app, you can clearly see which device is connected.


With the many advantages, there are still aspects that bring disadvantages. So also that you need some patience when connecting for the first time. Also, the TICKR X is not suitable for use in contact sports, as it can sometimes come off the strap if dropped or bumped.


All in all, the Wahoo TICKR X is a very beneficial and suitable device, for maximum training experience. The TICKR X does what it promises, as you can take measurements during your workout, as well as save this data and look it up at any time. A great advantage of the TICKR X is that you can exercise without a smartphone and still measure all the training data.

Posted in Fitness By Jakob Johannes Alberti